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  1. Charles III, as he was known, disembarked in his kingdom in 1705, and stayed there for six years, only being able to exercise his rule in Catalonia, until the death of his brother, Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor; he returned to Vienna to assume the imperial crown.

  2. Henry V (German: Heinrich V.; 1081 or 1086 (probably on 11 August) – 23 May 1125, in Utrecht) was King of Germany (from 1099 to 1125) and Holy Roman Emperor (from 1111 to 1125), as the fourth and last ruler of the Salian dynasty. He was made co-ruler by his father, Henry IV, in 1098.

  3. 29/03/2022 · The Holy Roman Emperor has various powers at his disposal and a great deal of responsibility to maintaining and protecting the Imperial territorial, religious, and cultural status quo. In the Common Sense DLC, the Emperor can appoint up to twelve Free Imperial Cities which are OPMs , cannot be electors, and give the emperor more authority in exchange for trading bonuses (for example, Ulm ).

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