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  1. v. t. e. Homeschooling or home schooling, also known as home education or elective home education ( EHE ), is the education of school-aged children at home or a variety of places other than a school. [1] Usually conducted by a parent, tutor, or an online teacher, many homeschool families use less formal, more personalized and individualized ...

  2. homeschooling, also called home education, educational method situated in the home rather than in an institution designed for that purpose. It is representative of a broad social movement of families, largely in Western societies, who believe that the education of children is, ultimately, the right of parents rather than a government. Beginning in the late 20th century, the homeschooling ...

  3. 16/06/2022 · The How to Homeschool Guide. Learning How to Homeschool is something you can do! We're so excited you've chosen to homeschool, and we're here to make sure you have everything…. Free For Summer Learning. Learning resources are plentiful and easy to find.

  4. homeschool: [verb] to teach school subjects to one's children at home.

  5. La educación en el hogar (también llamada educación en casa o en inglés homeschooling) 1 se refiere al proceso de formación académica de niños y niñas exclusivamente en el ámbito del hogar familiar, en círculos un poco más amplios o en la propia naturaleza (playas, montañas, bosques, vecindarios, parroquias, etcétera).

  6. 14/04/2019 · Homeschooled kids don't need to have the latest gadgets, and they don't have to take classes in critical thinking because they've been practicing it their whole lives. That's why homeschooling is such a positive force for the families who choose this path.

  7. 27/05/2022 · Homeschool Demographics. Children between the ages group 5-17 years are generally homeschooled as per the study conducted by NCES, of which 52% of female students and 48% males. 23% of homeschoolers, each attending Kindergarten through 2nd grade, formed 22% and 3rd through 5th grade.

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