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  1. 25/07/2022 · Frederick Augustus III was the last King of Saxony and a member of the House of Wettin. He voluntarily abdicated as King on 13 November 1918. When the German Republic was proclaimed in 1918, he was asked by telephone whether he would abdicate willingly. He said: "Oh, well, I suppose I'd better." [48]

  2. 01/08/2022 · The later rulers of the House of Wettin adopted the Ascanian coat-of-arms. After the division, the counting of the dukes started anew. Though the first Ascanian duke is counted either as Bernard III (because of two predecessors of the same name before 1180) or as Bernard I, his successor, Albert I is counted as the first, although before 1180 he had one predecessor of the same name, Albert the Bear .

  3. 29/07/2022 · The term House of Bourbon ("Maison de Bourbon") is sometimes used to refer to this first house and the House of Bourbon-Dampierre, the second family to rule the seigneury. In 1272, Robert, Count of Clermont , sixth and youngest son of King Louis IX of France , married Beatrix of Bourbon , heiress to the lordship of Bourbon and member of the House of Bourbon-Dampierre. [2]

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    Marriages of medieval counts of Oldenburg paved the way for their heirs to become kings of various Scandinavian kingdoms. Through marriage with a descendant of King Valdemar I of Sweden and of King Eric IV of Denmark, a claim to Sweden and Denmark was staked as early as 1350. At that time, its competitors were the successors of Margaret I of Denmar...

    Kings of Denmark (1448–1863)
    Kings of Norway (1450–1814)
    Kings of Sweden (1457–64, 1497–1501 and 1520–21)
    The first Oldenburg king was Christian I of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (1426–1481)
    Sweden's most prominent Oldenburg king was Gustav III(1746–1792)
    Frederick Augustus II (1852–1931) was the last ruling Grand Duke of Oldenburg
    Media related to House of Oldenburgat Wikimedia Commons
    Marek, Miroslav, The House of Oldenburg, Genealogy.EU.
  4. 05/08/2022 · Francis, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (15 July 1750, in Coburg – 9 December 1806, in Coburg), was one of the ruling Thuringian dukes of the House of Wettin.As progenitor of a line of Coburg princes who, in the 19th and 20th centuries, ascended the thrones of several European realms, he is a patrilineal ancestor of royal houses of the Belgium, Bulgaria, Portugal and the United Kingdom, as ...

  5. 16/07/2022 · He came from the Thuringian town of Altenburg in the Holy Roman Empire, where his father held the office of a burgrave of the immediate Pleissnerland, which however had long been pawned to the Saxon House of Wettin. Von Altenburg joined the Order in 1307 and served as Komtur of Ragnit (1320–24) and of Balga (1326–31).

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