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  1. On 10 July 1606 he was further honoured by being created Earl of Abercorn, Baron Paisley, Baron Hamilton, Baron Mountcastell, and Baron Kilpatrick. [28] [29] The family tree shows how the Abercorn title was inherited moving at the death of the 3rd Earl to the descendants of the 2nd son, Claud, and then at the death of the 5th Earl to the descendants of his 4th son, George.

  2. James was appointed Prior of St Andrews, Fife, in 1538. This position supplied his income. Rises in power, advises Queen Mary. In May 1553, the imperial ambassador to England, Jean Scheyfve, heard that Mary of Guise planned to make him regent in place of James Hamilton, Duke of Châtellerault.

  3. Jacobo Carlos Estuardo [1] (en inglés James VI of Scotland and I of England; Edimburgo, 19 de junio de 1566-Theobalds House, 27 de marzo de 1625) fue rey de Escocia como Jacobo VI desde el 24 de julio de 1567 y rey de Inglaterra e Irlanda como Jacobo I desde el 24 de marzo de 1603 hasta su muerte.

  4. Jaime Hamilton, 2.º Conde de Arran, regente escocês, concordou com o casamento no Tratado de Greenwich em 1 de julho de 1543. [125] Apesar do sucesso na Escócia, Henrique hesitou em atacar a França, irritando Carlos. Ele finalmente seguiu em frente em junho de 1544 com um ataque em dois frontes.

  5. Charles Hamilton, Earl of Arran (1634 - 1640), ... painting by James H. Wheldon James H. Wheldon: ... painting by Gaspard Peeter (Pedro) II Verbruggen

  6. By James Macdonald, a book that, in my view, amply deserves such a reading. Even though I have Notlage got to the endgültig of my analytical reading, by following Adler and Großraumlimousine Doren's methods I have very much deepened and clarified my understanding of Macdonald's book, and I know that if I Schliff my analysis I läuft be able to say I have truly read it.