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  1. James V (10 Aprile 1512 – 14 December 1542) wis King o Scotland frae 9 September 1513 till his daith, which follaed the Scots defeat at the Battle o Solway Moss. His anerly survivin legitimate bairn, Mary , succeedit him when she wis juist sax days auld.

  2. James V (10 April 1512 – 14 December 1542) was King of Scotland from 9 September 1513 until his death in 1542. He was crowned on 21 September 1513 at the age of seventeen months. James was the son of King James IV and Margaret Tudor , sister of Henry VIII of England, and during his childhood Scotland was governed by regents , firstly by his mother until she remarried, and then by his second ...

  3. James V (10 April 1512 – 14 December 1542) was King of Scotland from 9 September 1513 until his death in 1542, which followed the Scottish defeat at the Battle of Solway Moss. His only surviving legitimate child, Mary, Queen of Scots , succeeded him when she was just six days old.

  4. Jakob V. (engl. James V; * 10. April 1512 im Linlithgow Palace; † 14. Dezember 1542 im Falkland Palace) war von 1513 bis zu seinem Tod König der Schotten (engl. King of Scots ). Er wurde als dritter Sohn von Jakob IV. und dessen Ehefrau Margaret Tudor geboren und war der einzige Nachkomme dieser Verbindung, der nicht schon im Kindesalter starb.

  5. James V was King of Scotland from 1513 through 1542. ... From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. James V; King of Scotland; Reign:

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