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  1. JANE relies on the data in PubMed, which can contain papers from predatory journals, and therefore these journals can appear in JANE's results. To help identify high-quality journals, JANE now tags journals that are currently indexed in MEDLINE, and open access journals approved by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

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  4. 3 de feb. de 2021 · Valerie Jane Morris-Goodall, nació en Londres en 1934, hija de Mortimer, comerciante, y de Myfanwe (Vanne) Morris Goodall, novelista y ama de casa. Se esperaba que Jane cumpliera con los mandatos propios de la época: un matrimonio con un hombre bueno y responsable, y algunos hijos.

  5. Jane will help get you started and will be by your side whenever you need assistance. Jane works in clinics of every type and size. Jane was specifically created for interdisciplinary clinics – so just one program works perfectly for everyone from physios and massage therapists to counsellors and midwives.

  6. Jane The Virgin. 2014 | Clasificación por edad: TV-14 | 5 temporadas | Comedias de TV. Jane Villanueva juró mantenerse virgen hasta el matrimonio, pero por un accidente médico queda embarazada y debe replantear sus planes a futuro. Protagonistas: Gina Rodriguez,Andrea Navedo,Justin Baldoni.

  7. 4 de ago. de 2021 · It’s so common that generic terms for women like “Jane Doe” and “Plain Jane” were coined. The name Jane is of English origin and means “God is gracious.” Some people believe that Jane was derived from the old French name Jehanne, which in turn, is thought to be derived from the Hebrew name Yochanan which means “Yahweh is merciful.”