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  1. Jasper Tudor fue un aventurero cuya experiencia militar, parte de ella adquirida en las primeras etapas de la Guerra de las Rosas, fue considerable. Jasper Tudor ocupó el castillo de Denbigh en 1460 para los partidarios de Lancaster y participó en la batalla de Mortimer's Cross en febrero de 1461, donde perdió la batalla ante el futuro rey, Eduardo IV de Inglaterra .

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    Jasper Tudor was an adventurer whose military expertise, some of it gained in the early stages of the Wars of the Roses, was considerable. Nevertheless, the only major battle he had taken part in before the Battle of Bosworth was the Battle of Mortimer's Cross in February 1461, where he lost the battle to the future king, Edward IV of England.

  3. Jasper Tudor, duke of Bedford, byname Jasper Of Hatfield, (born c. 1430—died December 21/26, 1495), leader of the Lancastrians in Wales, uncle and guardian of Henry, earl of Richmond, afterward Henry VII of England. The second son of Owen Tudor, founder of the family’s fortunes, he was knighted in 1449 and created earl of Pembroke about 1452.

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    Jasper Tudor, , primer Duque de Bedford, primer Conde de Pembroke, fue un noble inglés hijo de Owen Tudor y de la reina viuda Catalina de Valois.

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    • Childhood
    • Margaret Beaufort
    • Richard Duke of York
    • Support For The King
    • Wanted by King Edward IV
    • Restoration of Henry Vi
    • Restoration of Edward IV
    • Exile
    • Support For Henry Tudor
    • Marriage

    Jasper was born in 1431 the third son of Henry V’s widow, Catherine of Valoisand Owen Tudor, the keeper of her wardrobe. Both he and his brother Edmund were half-brothers to King Henry VI. Jasper’s parents had secretly married around 1429 but had kept the marriage secret because Owen was a Welshman and a commoner. Jasper’s mother should have asked ...

    In 1453 Jasper and Edmund were jointly given the wardship of Margaret Beaufortthe only child of John Beaufort, heiress to the Beaufort fortune. Two years later, Jasper’s brother, Edmund married 12 year old Margaret and she became pregnant the following year.

    In late Summer 1453, Henry VI suffered a bout of mental instability which left him unable to rule the country. Henry’s chief adviser, the Duke of Somerset, took charge of government but he ruled badly and Henry’s heir, Richard Duke of York, believed that he should take control. In Spring 1454 both Jasper and his brother Edmund backed Richard of Yor...

    Jasper fought in the first battle of the Wars of the Roses, the First Battle of St Albans, for Henry VI on the Lancastrianside. The Lancastrians lost the battle and Henry VI was captured but Jasper and Edmund declared their support for Henry VI and remained on the Lancastrian side. Richard Duke of York captured Jasper’s brother Edmund in November 1...

    In 1461 Jasper and his father, Owen Tudor, led a Welsh force against Edward Duke of York at the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross. They lost the battle and although Jasper escaped, his father was captured and executed. When Edward took the throne as King Edward IV, he declared Jasper a traitor. Jasper’s lands and titles were forfeited and Edward wanted hi...

    In the Autumn of 1470 Jasper was part of an invasionary force that included Henry VI’s son, Edward, Edward IV’s brother, George Duke of Clarence and Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick. Rather than fight, Edward IV fled to Burgundy where he raised support. Henry VI returned as King, Jasper was restored as Earl of Pembroke and given back Pembroke Castl...

    In 1471 Edward IV returned and after winning the Battle of Tewekesbury, regained the throne on 22nd May 1471. Henry VI was captured and probably murdered on the same day. Henry VI’s son, Edward, had died during the battle and so Henry Tudor became the sole remaining Lancastrian heir to the throne.

    Shortly after re-taking the throne Edward IV instructed Roger Vaughan to capture Jasper and Henry Tudor. However, Jasper captured Vaughan and executed him before fleeing to Brittany taking Henry Tudor with him. In late 1471 Edward IV unsuccessfully petitioned Duke Francis II of Brittany for the extradition of Jasper and Henry Tudor. Undeterred Edwa...

    The Duke of Buckingham rose in rebellion against Richard III in October 1483 and Jasper and Henry Tudor attempted to cross the Channel to support the rebellion. Due to unfavourable weather their ships were blown off course. The rebellion was suppressed and Buckingham was executed as a traitor. Back in France, Jasper and Henry raised finances and tr...

    Jasper married Catherine Woodville, widow of the Duke of Buckingham, sister of Edward IV’s queen, Elizabeth Woodville in November 1485.

  6. Jasper, and the other Lancastrians, escaped into exile, and Henry Tudor became the ward of Edward IV’s close associate, William Herbert. During the years 1461-1468, Jasper moved between Scotland, France, Burgundy and Brittany as Queen Marguerite sought aid to restore her husband to the throne.

  7. 9 de abr. de 2016 · Here are five Jasper Tudor Fun Facts, and then the podcast so you can learn more. Jasper was born out of a secret marriage. His mother had been the Queen of England, Katherine of Valois. After her husband (Henry V) died, she secretly married a member of her household, a Welshman called Owen Tudor, and bore him two sons – Edmund and Jasper.

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