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  1. Jean-Marie Loret (25 March 1918 – 14 February 1985) was a French railway worker and allegedly Adolf Hitler's illegitimate son. According to Loret, his mother revealed to him shortly before her death in 1948 that the "unknown German soldier" with whom she had an affair during World War I was Adolf Hitler.

  2. Jean-Marie Loret nait, sous le nom de Jean-Marie Lobjoie, dans les derniers mois de la Première Guerre mondiale en mars 1918 à Seboncourt, un village picard du nord du département de l'Aisne. Enfant illégitime, sa mère Charlotte Eudoxie Alida Lobjoie (1898-1951) est la fille du boucher local, Louis Joseph Alfred Lobjoie et de son épouse Marie Flore Philomène (née Colpin).

  3. Jean-Marie Loret-Frizon (* 18. bzw. nach anderen Angaben 25. März 1918 in Seboncourt bei Saint-Quentin in der Picardie ; † 14. Februar 1985 in Saint-Quentin) war ein französischer Eisenbahnarbeiter und nach eigener Aussage ein Sohn Adolf Hitlers .

  4. 21/02/2012 · Until his death in 1985, Jean-Marie Loret believed that he was the only son of Adolf Hitler. There is now renewed attention to evidence from France and Germany that apparently lends some credence ...

  5. 25/07/2019 · However, there was one woman who claimed her son, Jean-Marie Loret, was the child of Adolf Hitler. For many years, Loret did not know the identity of his father. Then, on one otherwise normal day in 1948, Loret’s mother confided that his estranged father was none other than Adolf Hitler.

  6. 17/02/2012 · Ironie du sort, Jean-Marie Loret s'enrôle dès 1939 dans les corps francs qui se battirent en avant de la ligne Maginot. L'année suivante, son unité mène une bataille violente contre les ...

  7. Jean-Marie Loret was born in March 1918 and died in 1985, aged 67. [85] [ better source needed ] Loret married several times, and had as many as nine children. His family's lawyer has suggested that, if their descent from Hitler could be proven, they may be able to claim royalties for Hitler's book, Mein Kampf . [86]

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