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  1. 15 de may. de 2024 · Joanna of Castile. In 1502, Philip, Joanna, and a large part of the Burgundian court traveled to Spain to receive fealty from the Cortes of Castile as heirs, a journey chronicled in intense detail by Antoon I van Lalaing (French: Antoine de Lalaing ), the future Stadtholder of Holland and Zeeland.

  2. Hace 4 días · Joanna, Queen of Castile. Religion. Catholicism. Signature. Charles V [c] [d] (24 February 1500 – 21 September 1558) was Holy Roman Emperor and Archduke of Austria from 1519 to 1556, King of Spain from 1516 to 1556, and Lord of the Netherlands as titular Duke of Burgundy from 1506 to 1555.

  3. Hace 3 días · Maximilian's rule (1493–1519) was a time of dramatic expansion for the Habsburgs. In 1497 Maximilian's son Philip, known as the Handsome or the Fair, married Joanna of Castile, also known as Joanna the Mad, heiress of Castile and Aragon.

  4. Hace 4 días · The eldest daughter, Isabella of Aragon, married King Manuel I of Portugal, and the younger daughter, Joanna of Castile, was married to a Habsburg prince, Philip of Habsburg. In 1500, Isabella granted all non-rebellious natives in the colonies citizenship and full legal freedom by decree.

  5. Hace 6 días · The family tree of the Castilian monarchs of the Kingdom of Castile (10651230), in the historical region of Castile in Spain . Key. The colors denotes the monarchs from the: 000 - House of Jiménez; 000 - House of Burgundy; 000 - House of Trastámara. —— The solid lines denotes the legitimate descents. – – – - The dashed lines denotes a marriage.

  6. Hace 4 días · By Vincenzo De Meulenaere. On October 25, 1555, the grandees of the Habsburg Netherlands gathered in the Great Hall of the Coudenberg Palace in Brussels to witness an extraordinary event. A weary old man with a grey beard and a limp shuffled into the room to deliver a speech that would change the course of the land. The man was Emperor Charles V.

  7. Hace 4 días · Following Isabella's death in 1504, the couple's daughter Joanna became queen of the Crown of Castile. That year, after a war with France, Ferdinand conquered the Kingdom of Naples. In 1507 he became regent of Castile on behalf of Joanna, who was alleged to be mentally unstable.