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  1. 09/06/2022 · John, Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach. the Alchemist; John, Margrave of Brandenburg-Küstrin. the Eye and the Council of Germany; John of Artois, Count of Eu. the Landless; Archduke John of Austria. the Styrian Prince; John of Austria. Jeronimo de Austria; Johann von Osterreich; Juan the Bastard; Don John of Austria; the Hero of Lepanto

    • Early Years
    • Reign
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    Frederick was born at Haderslev in Slesvig, the son of Christian IV and Anne Catherine of Brandenburg. In his youth and early manhood, there was no prospect of his ascending the Danish throne, as his older brother Christian was elected heir apparentin 1608. During his early childhood, he was raised under the supervision of Beate Huitfeldt. Frederic...

    Proclaimed king

    The death of his elder brother Christian in June 1647 opened the possibility for Frederick to be elected heir apparent to the Danish throne. However, this issue was still unsettled when Christian IV died on 28 February 1648. After long deliberation among the Danish Estates and in Rigsraadet (royal council), he was finally accepted as his father's successor. On 6 July, Frederick received the homage of his subjects, and he was crowned on 23 November. However, due to misgivings about the rule of...

    Defeated by Sweden

    With all his good qualities, Frederick was not a man to recognize fully his own limitations and that of his country. But he rightly regarded the accession of Charles X of Sweden on 6 June 1654 as a source of danger to Denmark. He felt that temperament and policy would combine to make Charles an aggressive warrior-king: the only uncertainty was in which direction he would turn his arms first. Charles's invasion of Poland in July 1655 came as a distinct relief to Frederick, even though the Poli...

    Assault on Copenhagen repelled

    But Charles's insatiable lust for conquest and his ineradicable suspicion of Denmark induced him to endeavour to despatch an inconvenient neighbour without any reasonable cause or declaration of war in defiance of all international standards of acceptable behavior on the part of rulers. Terror was the first feeling produced at Copenhagen by the landing of the main Swedish army at Korsør on Zealandon 17 July 1658. None had anticipated the possibility of such a sudden and brutal attack, and eve...

    Frederick married Sophie Amalie of Brunswick-Lüneburg in Castle Glücksburgon 1 October 1643. The marriage had been arranged in 1640. Frederick was, at the time, archbishop of Bremen and not heir to the throne, and was not expected to succeed to the throne. The couple had the following children: Also, he had with Margarethe Pape one illegitimate son...

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  2. 11/06/2022 · Augustus II[a](12 May 1670 – 1 February 1733), most commonly known as Augustus the Strong, was Elector of Saxonyfrom 1694 as well as King of Polandand Grand Duke of Lithuaniain the years 1697–1706 and from 1709 until his death in 1733. He belonged to the Albertine line of the House of Wettin.