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  1. John Arbuthnot was a physician known as a man of wit. He was a member of the Martinus Scriblerus Club, along with Pope, Jonathan Swift and John Gay. He was formerly the physician of Queen Anne. On 17 July 1734 Arbuthnot wrote to Pope to tell him that he had a terminal illness.

  2. John Arbuthnot Fisher was born on 25 January 1841 on the Wavendon Estate at Ramboda in Ceylon. He was the eldest of eleven children, of whom only seven survived infancy, born to Sophie Fisher and Captain William Fisher, a British Army officer in the 78th Highlanders, who had been an aide-de-camp to the former governor of Ceylon, Sir Robert Wilmot-Horton, and was serving as a staff officer at ...

  3. Use “Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot” to think about speed and velocity in verse. Track when Pope’s poem moves fastest and when it “slows down.” Think not only about prosody—when Pope deviates from iambic pentameter —but alliteration , assonance , and other kinds of sound patterning.

  4. Death in Holy Orders: With Jesse Spencer, Martin Shaw, Alan Howard, Tom Goodman-Hill. Detective Adam Dalgliesh looks into the death of a young ordinand who died under mysterious circumstances.

  5. 12/06/2019 · The Mysteries Of Chronology: With Proposal For A New English Era, To Be Called The Victorian|F, Peur Bleue|Stephen King, PE17 ALT Current Fund-Program Activity Sheets|Bergwall Productions Inc.,

  6. The Promise: With Claire Foy, Christian Cooke, Itay Tiran, Katharina Schüttler. A young British girl travels to Palestine, retracing the steps of her grandfather - a British soldier stationed there in the 1940s.