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  1. El general británico John Burgoyne pretendía aislar a Nueva Inglaterra del resto de las colonias del norte y causar la mayor cantidad de bajas posibles entre las filas del ejército rebelde (ver Campaña de Saratoga).

  2. John Stark's reward from the New Hampshire General Assembly for "the Memorable Battle of Bennington" was "a compleat suit of Clothes becoming his Rank". A reward that Stark likely valued the highest was a message of thanks from John Hancock , president of the Continental Congress , which included a commission as "brigadier in the army of the United States".

  3. 25/05/2022 · Suffolk-born jazz performer Phelan Burgoyne moved to Florence in 2021 with his wife Teresa. Focusing mainly on jazz percussion and composition, he also dabbles in other interesting things like photography and the Afghan lute. Phelan has been touring with his new trio, with their final show taking ...

  4. Then, perhaps the greatest news of the entire war reached Congress. In October, Burgoyne’s forces surrendered to General Horatio Gates at the Battle of Saratoga. It was a decisive defeat of the British Army. John Adams was ecstatic, and like many of the other delegates, Adams returned home for a brief furlough.

  5. 01/09/2018 · Stating that "he was ordered, and could not refuse," Howe sailed for Boston with Major Generals Henry Clinton and John Burgoyne. Arriving May 15, Howe brought reinforcements for General Thomas Gage .

  6. Surrender of Lord Cornwallis in the Capitol Rotunda is one of two paintings that artist John Trumbull completed on this subject. He painted this version between 1819 and 1820, basing it upon a small painting (approximately 20 inches by 30 inches) that he had first envisioned in 1785, when he began to “meditate seriously the subjects of national history, of events of the Revolution.”

  7. 12/06/2022 · Four-time premiership midfielder Shaun Burgoyne has shown his class and athleticism by donning the black and white for bush footy side Dalyston Magpies and helping the club rise to a 48-point win ...