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  1. Duke John Frederick of Saxe-Weimar (19 September 1600 in Altenburg – 17 October 1628 in Weimar) was a Duke of Saxe-Weimar . Life John Frederick was a son of Duke John II of Saxe-Weimar and his wife Dorothea Maria of Anhalt.

  2. Duke Frederick of Saxe-Weimar (1 March 1596 in Altenburg – 29 August 1622 in Fleurus, Belgium) was a prince from the Ernestine branch of the House of Wettin and a Colonel in the Thirty Years' War . Life Duke Frederick was the son of John II of Saxe-Weimar and his wife Dorothea Maria of Anhalt, sister of Prince Louis I of Anhalt-Köthen.

  3. John Frederick II, Duke of Saxony (b. Torgau, 8 January 1529 – d. as imperial prisoner at Schloss Steyer, Upper Austria, 19 May 1595) John William, Duke of Saxe-Weimar (b. Torgau, 11 March 1530 – d. Weimar, 2 March 1573) John Ernest (b. Weimar, 5 January 1535 – d. Weimar, 11 January 1535) John Frederick III, Duke of Saxe-Gotha (1554–1565) (b.

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    John Frederick II was the eldest son of John Frederick I, Elector of Saxony and Sibylle of Cleves. He was given a comprehensive education along with his younger brother Johann Wilhelm under the guidance of the legal scholar Basilius Monner. The two brothers were invited to take part in the Aulic Council, where they were able to develop their knowle...

    After the Battle of Mühlberg (24 April 1547) and the capture of his father, John Frederick II, along with his brother John William, succeeded their father as the regents of the lands still retained by their family. After the death of their father (1554), the brothers amicably divided the lands that were inherited from their father; even so, John Fr...

    In Weimar on 26 May 1555 John Frederick II married his first wife, Agnes of Hesse, Dowager Electress of Saxony. Six months later she suffered a miscarriage and died, on 4 November 1555. In Weimar on 12 June 1558 John Frederick II married his second wife, Countess Palatine Elisabeth of Simmern-Sponheim, daughter of the later (1559) Frederick III, El...

    Later, the Emperor used the two surviving sons of John Frederick II against their uncle John William; in 1572 the Division of Erfurt was made. The duchy of Saxony was divided into three parts. The older son, John Casimir, received Coburg, and the younger, John Ernest, received Eisenach. John William retained only the smaller part, the limited regio...

    Karl August Engelhardt: Johann Friedrich der Mittlere, von Bösewichtern verblendet, in Gotha belagert, und bis an sein Ende gefangen (in der Reihe „Denkwürdigkeiten aus der sächsischen Geschichte,...
    Ernst Wülcker: Johann Friedrich, Herzog zu Sachsen.[permanent dead link] in: Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie. Band 14, Duncker & Humblot, Leipzig 1881, pp. 330–343.
    Thomas Klein (1974), "Johann Friedrich II.", Neue Deutsche Biographie(in German), vol. 10, Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, p. 530
    Joachim Kruse: Herzog Johann Friedrich II. der Mittlere von Sachsen (1529–1595) und das ernestinische Familienepitaph in St. Moriz, Coburg, vollendet 1598. vol. I. in: Jahrbuch der Coburger Landess...
  4. John Frederick married on 19 November 1744 in Eisenach to Princess Bernardina Christina Sophia of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (1724–1757). They had the following children: Princess Frederike of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (1745–1778); married on 1763 Frederick Charles, Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (1736-1793) Daughter (1746-1746) Son (1747-1747)

  5. Duke John Frederick of Saxe-Weimar (19 September 1600 in Altenburg – 17 October 1628 in Weimar) was a Duke of Saxe-Weimar.