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  1. John George I (5 March 1585 – 8 October 1656) was Elector of Saxony from 1611 to 1656. Contents 1 Biography 2 Assessment 3 Family and children 4 Ancestors 5 See also 6 Notes 7 References Biography Monument to John George in Johanngeorgstadt. Born in Dresden, John George was the second son of the Elector Christian I and Sophie of Brandenburg.

  2. John George I of Saxony, (born March 5, 1585, Dresden, Saxony—died Oct. 18, 1656, Dresden), elector of Saxony from 1611, and the “foremost Lutheran prince” of Germany, whose policies lost for Saxony opportunities for ascendancy and territorial expansion.

  3. Johann Georg I, Duke of Saxe-Eisenach ( Weimar, 12 July 1634 – hunting accident, Eckhartshausen, Marksuhl, 19 September 1686). He was the fifth but third surviving son of Wilhelm, Duke of Saxe-Weimar and Eleonore Dorothea of Anhalt-Dessau .

  4. John George I - Wikipedia John George I From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John George I may refer to: John George I, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau (1567–1618) John George I, Elector of Saxony (1585–1656) John George I, Duke of Saxe-Eisenach (1634–1686) This disambiguation page lists articles about people with the same name.

  5. Biografía de John George I Juan Jorge I (Dresde, 1585- id ., 1656) Elector de Sajonia (1611-1656).No supo convertirse en el jefe de la Príncipes protestantes a pesar de la situación privilegiada de sus estados, durante la Guerra de los Treinta Años sus estados quedaron devastados.

  6. John George I was elector of Saxony, 1611-1656. born 1585, son of Christian I, Elector of Saxony, and Sophie of Brandenburg married, 1604, Sibylle Elizabeth of Württemberg married, 1607, Magdalene Sibylle of Prussia; 7 children survived infancy Elector of Saxony from 1611 supported the Emperor 1619-1622 at war with the Emperor 1631-1635

  7. John George I of Anhalt-Dessau (9 May 1567 – 24 May 1618) was a German prince of the House of Ascania. From 1586 to 1603 he ruled the unified principality of Anhalt jointly with his brothers. After the partition of the principality in 1603, he ruled the principality of Anhalt-Dessau from 1603 to 1618.