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  1. John Hamilton, comte de Hamilton (1651 – 1691), was an Irish armry officer of Scottish origin, who fought in the Williamite war in Ireland on the side of the deposed James II. He died from wounds received at the Battle of Aughrim .

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    John is a common English name and surname: John (given name) John (surname) John may also refer to: New Testament Works. Johannine literature. Gospel of John, a title often shortened to John; Johannine epistles. First Epistle of John, often shortened to 1 John; Second Epistle of John, often shortened to 2 John; Third Epistle of John, often ...

  3. John Adams is a 2008 American television miniseries ... Adams also alienates himself from the anti-French Alexander Hamilton after taking all actions ...

  4. When John Laurens meets Alexander Hamilton for the first time, John is intrigued and interested. He had never met someone like him. To him, Alex is very ambitious, brave and sometimes, a bit selfish too.

  5. In the 1800 election, Hamilton worked to defeat not only the Democratic-Republicans, but also his party's own nominee, John Adams. [90] : 392–99 Aaron Burr had won New York for Jefferson in May; now Hamilton proposed a rerun of the election under different rules—with carefully drawn districts and each choosing an elector—such that the Federalists would split the electoral vote of New York.

  6. Frank Vallelonga Jr. ('Green Book') es hallado muerto en el Bronx a los 60 años

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