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  1. 06/08/2022 · El noble en cuestión nació en Barcelona el 22 de abril de 1740, era hijo del Conde Santa Clara (I), el que fue gobernador del Fuerte Montjuic en Barcelona. Al igual que su padre, el joven Juan Procopio tuvo una amplia carrera militar, que lo llevaron a participar en campañas en Portugal y Argel.

  2. 05/08/2022 · The Seven Years' War was perhaps the first global war, taking place almost 160 years before World War I, known as the Great War before the outbreak of World War II, and globally influenced many later major events. Winston Churchill described the conflict as the "first world war".

    • Europe, North America, West Indies, South America, West Africa, India, Philippines
    • No territorial changes in Europe, Transfer of colonial possessions between Great Britain, France, Portugal and Spain, France and Spain return conquered colonial territory to Great Britain and Portugal, France cedes its North American possessions east of the Mississippi River, Canada, the islands of St. Vincent, Tobago, Dominica, and Grenada, and the Northern Circars in India to Great Britain, France cedes Louisiana and its North American territory west of the Mississippi River to Spain, Spain cedes Florida and Manila to Great Britain, Mughal Empire cedes Bengal to Great Britain
  3. 02/08/2022 · The history of Spain dates to the Antiquity when the pre-Roman peoples of the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula made contact with the Greeks and Phoenicians and the first writing systems known as Paleohispanic scripts were developed. During Classical Antiquity, the peninsula was the site of multiple successive colonizations of Greeks ...

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    04/08/2022 · In 1387, Porto was the site of the marriage of John I of Portugal and Philippa of Lancaster, daughter of John of Gaunt; this symbolized a long-standing military alliance between Portugal and England. [24] The Portuguese-English alliance (see the Treaty of Windsor) is the world's oldest recorded military alliance. [25] [26]

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    05/08/2022 · Following Lorenzo de' Medici's death in 1492, he was succeeded by his son Piero II. When the French king Charles VIII invaded northern Italy, Piero II chose to resist his army. But when he realised the size of the French army at the gates of Pisa, he had to accept the humiliating conditions of the French king.

  6. 04/08/2022 · DreamWorks Animation LLC ( DWA, also simply known as DreamWorks) is an American animation studio that produces animated films and television programs and is a subsidiary of Universal Pictures, a division of NBCUniversal, which is itself a division of Comcast.

  7. 02/08/2022 · The University of Notre Dame du Lac, known simply as Notre Dame ( / ˌnoʊtərˈdeɪm / NOH-tər-DAYM) or ND, is a private Catholic research university in Notre Dame, Indiana, outside the city of South Bend. [7] French priest Edward Sorin founded the school in 1842.