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  1. Lithuania declared its independence on 16 February 1918. The interwar Republic of Lithuania existed until 1940, when it was occupied by the Soviet Union. During the Soviet-German War, Lithuania was occupied by Nazi Germany. In 1944, as Germany was losing the war, Soviet Russia re-occupied Lithuania and re-established the Lithuanian SSR.

  2. On 4 August, Władysław-Jogaila's cousin, Vytautas, who had earlier fled from Lithuania to the Teutonic Knights, paid homage to Władysław-Jogaila near Lida in Lithuania on 4 August. [114] Negotiations between Sigismund and the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights , Konrad von Wallenrode , continued with the mediation of Vladislaus of Opole. [115]

  3. 20/06/2022 · Lithuania blocked goods sanctioned by the EU from reaching Kaliningrad Russia accused the NATO state of being 'openly hostile' and provoking Moscow Kremlin loyalists claim it is an act of 'direct ...