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    Kronstadt (Russian: Кроншта́дт, romanized: Kronshtadt [krɐnˈʂtat]), also spelled Kronshtadt, Cronstadt or Kronštádt (from German: Krone for "crown" and Stadt for "city") is a Russian port city in Kronshtadtsky District of the federal city of Saint Petersburg, located on Kotlin Island, 30 kilometres (19 mi) west of Saint Petersburg, near the head of the Gulf of Finland.

  2. “The Homilies of S. John Chrysostom on the Statues: Or, To the People of Antioch”, p.42 291 Copy quote When you are before the altar where Christ reposes, you ought no longer to think that you are amongst men; but believe that there are troops of angels and archangels standing by you, and trembling with respect before the sovereign Master of Heaven and earth.

  3. He pout down the Kronstadt rebellion and saved the Revolution. 1924 . The death of Lenin led to the clash between Trotsky and Stalin for the leadership of the Bolshevik movement. Trotsky advocated ‘World Revolution’ and the spread of Communism to other countries. 1925-29 . Trotsky lost the struggle with Stalin.

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