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  1. Only three days later Ludwig II died under unknown circumstances, and Prince Otto succeeded him as King of Bavaria on 13 June 1886 in accordance with the Wittelsbach succession law. Since Otto was unable to lead the government due to his mental illness (officially it was said: "The King is melancholic"), Prince Regent Luitpold also reigned for him.

  2. Charles VII (6 August 1697 – 20 January 1745) was the prince-elector of Bavaria from 1726 and Holy Roman Emperor from 24 January 1742 to his death. He was a member of the House of Wittelsbach, and his reign as Holy Roman Emperor thus marked the end of three centuries of uninterrupted Habsburg imperial rule although he was related to the Habsburgs by both blood and marriage.

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    CLEMENS SALVATOR Leopold Benedikt Antonius Maria Joseph Ignatius, he inherited the title Prinz von Altenburg 2.4.1931, and this title was confirmed on him and his children 15.12.1949, *Schloss Wallsee 6.10.1904, +Salzburg 20.8.1974; m.Wien 20.2.1930 Css Elizabeth Rességuier de Miremont (*Niszko, Galicia 28.10.1906, +Salzburg 9.7.2000)

  4. Seit 2017 ist sie mit dem österreichischen It-Boy Clemens Trischler liiert. Natalie Alison ist ihr Künstlername. Filmografie (Auswahl) 1996: Schlosshotel Orth (1 Folge) 2003–2006: Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten; 2008–2015, seit 2020: Sturm der Liebe; 2008: Zwei Weihnachtsmänner; 2008: SOKO Donau (1 Folge)

  5. Aubry, Joseph - Mirecourt Fr. J.T.Lg. August - Boston -1900 to 1910 - sold by Elias Howe, Boston. Aurora - Czechoslovak Musical Instrument Co. (Metropolitan Music) - 1930 Baader, J.A. - Mittenwald factory in the early 1900's although the firm name goes back to the late 1700's. brand M.B. with a double circle.