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  1. She married at the same time as her half-sister Juliane de Fontevrault. Rotrou was a direct vassal of King Henry in England, where he held fiefs jure uxoris, in right of his wife. He also was given the de Bellelme fief in Normandy at the forfeiture of Robert de Belleme. White Ship

  2. Ansfride (née vers 1070), mère de Richard de Lincoln (1101-1020), de Juliane de Fontevrault et de Foulques; Edith FitzForne (en) (morte en 1129), mère de Robert FitzEdith ou FitzRoy (1093-1172) Nest ferch Rhys (1085-1136), mère d'Henri FitzRoy ou Henri fitz Henri († 1157) Isabelle de Beaumont (1102-1172), mère d'Isabelle (née vers 1120)

  3. Heinrich I. (englisch Henry I; * um 1068 in Selby in Yorkshire; † 1. Dezember 1135 in Lyons-la-Forêt in der Normandie) wegen seines Interesses an den Wissenschaften Henry Beauclerk oder Henry Beauclerc genannt, war von 1100 bis 1135 König von England.

  4. Abtei Fontevrault, Maine-et-Loire, Pays de la Loire Konstanze von Kastilien: 1140–1160 Basilika Saint-Denis bei Paris Adela von Champagne: 1140–1206 Abteikirche in Pontigny, Yonne, Burgund König Philipp II. August: 1165–1223 Basilika Saint-Denis bei Paris (die Grabstätte ist nicht mehr erhalten) Isabella von Hennegau: 1170–1190

  5. 26/04/2022 · m (Bordeaux Cathedral 18 May 1152) as her second husband, ELEONORE Dss of Aquitaine, divorced wife of LOUIS VII King of France, daughter of GUILLAUME X Duke of Aquitaine, GUILLAUME VIII Comte de Poitou & his first wife Eléonore de Châtellerault (Nieul-sur-Autize, Vendée or Château de Belin, Guyenne or Palais d’Ombrière, Bordeaux 1122-Abbaye de Fontevrault 1 Apr 1204, bur Abbaye de ...

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  7. 09/11/2018 · Juliane de Fontevrault (born c. 1090); married Eustace de Pacy in 1103. She tried to shoot her father with a crossbow after King Henry allowed her two young daughters to be blinded. Fulk FitzRoy (born c. 1092); a monk at Abingdon . Richard of Lincoln (c. 1094 - 25 November 1120 ); perished in the wreck of the White Ship . With Sybil Corbet