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  1. Julius, baron von Haynau, (born Oct. 14, 1786, Kassel, Hesse-Kassel [Germany]—died March 14, 1853, Vienna, Austrian Empire), Austrian general whose military successes were overshadowed by his notorious brutality. Entering the Austrian Army in 1801, Haynau saw action throughout the Napoleonic Wars and remained in service after the Congress of Vienna (1814–15). During the revolutions of 1848 ...

  2. Julius Jacob von Haynau (14 de octubre de 1786 - 14 de marzo de 1853) fue un general austriaco quien fue prominente en suprimir los movimientos insurgentes en Italia y más tarde en Hungría en 1848. Mientras adquiría fama como un líder militar eficaz, su renombre se obtuvo también como un comandante agresivo y cruel.

  3. Julius Jakob Freiherr von Haynau (14 de octubre de 1786 - 14 de marzo de 1853) fue un general austríaco que reprimió los movimientos insurreccionales en Italia y Hungría en 1848 y posteriormente. Si bien fue un líder militar enormemente efectivo, también ganó renombre como un comandante agresivo y despiadado.

  4. Julius Jacob von Haynau (October 14, 1786 – March 14, 1853) was an Austrian general who was prominent in suppressing insurrectionary movements in Italy and Hungary in 1848 and later. His soldiers called him the "Habsburg Tiger"; those opponents who suffered from his brutality called him the "Hyena of Brescia" and the "Hangman of Arad." Contents

  5. Julius Jacob von Haynau (Q78597) Austrian general Julius Jakob, Baron von Haynau Austrian Hyena Julius Jakob Freiherr von Haynau edit Statements instance of human 1 reference image Julius von Haynau.jpg 987 × 1,623; 1.4 MB 1 reference sex or gender male 4 references country of citizenship Austrian Empire 1 reference name in native language

  6. 10 de dic. de 2015 · Julius Jacob von Haynau makes his escape across the Thames by boat. A crowd, made up of local residents, workers and the brewery drayman, forced their way through the building to Haynau to boo and heckle him.

  7. 26 de feb. de 2017 · English: Julius von Haynau Austrian General against the Hungarian Revolt 1849 (ND) Medal. Bronze medallion d. = 41 mm. Scarce in bronze. Julius Jacob von Haynau, 1786 Kassel, Hesse-Kassel - 1853 Vienna Born in Kassel, von Haynau was the illegitimate son of Rosa Dorothea Ritter, and William I (1743-1821), the landgrave (later elector) of Hesse ...