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  1. With Karin Jacobsdotter: An unnamed child, died April 1565. Eric XIV finally married Karin Månsdotter (1550–1612) on 4 July 1568; their children were: Sigrid (1566–1633; born before the marriage), lady-in-waiting, wife of two noblemen. Gustaf (1568–1607; born before the marriage), mercenary; Henrik (1570–74) Arnold (1572–73)

  2. Catalina Månsdotter (1550-1612), también conocida como Karin Månsdotter. Esposa de Erik XIV; De otros países: Catalina Vasa (1539-1610), hija de Gustavo Vasa, condesa consorte de Frisia Oriental; Catalina Vasa, hija de Carlos IX, condesa consorte de Palatinado-Zweibrücken;

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    Themes. One theme of the play is Darwinism, a theory that was a significant influence on the author during his naturalistic period. This theme is stated explicitly in the preface, where Strindberg describes his two lead characters, Miss Julie and Jean, as vying against each other in an evolutionary "life and death" battle for a survival of the fittest.

  4. The relationship between Frederica and Gustav IV Adolf was initially not good. Both being inexperienced, they reportedly had difficulty in connecting sexually, which frustrated the king and caused him to behave with impatient displeasure and suspicion toward her, which worsened the problems because of the shyness of the introvert Frederica.

  5. This is a list of Swedish princesses from the accession of Gustaf I, from the House of Vasa, and continues through the Houses of Palatinate-Zweibrücken, Holstein-Gottorp and Bernadotte, the adoptive heirs of the House of Holstein-Gottorp, who were the adoptive heir of the Palatinate-Zweibrückens.

  6. Early life. Jacobsson was born in Mölndal, Gothenburg and Bohus County, Sweden on May 23, 1929.. Career. Jacobsson was one of 48 candidates chosen to attend Gothenburg Acting City Theatre School.

  7. Karin Månsdotter 06 Nov 1550 Stockholm, Sverige - 13 Sep 1612 Caterina (Medici) de Médicis 13 Apr 1519 Firenze, Repubblica fiorentina - 05 Jan 1589 N.