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  1. Henry II was a member of the Ottonian dynasty of kings and emperors who ruled the Holy Roman Empire (previously Germany) from 919 to 1024. In relation to the other members of his dynasty, Henry II was the great-grandson of Henry I , great-nephew of Otto I , first-cousin once removed of Otto II , and a second-cousin to Otto III .

  2. Married her first cousin Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor. Ferdinand: 22 November 1529 – 13 July 1530 Died in infancy. Son: 29 June 1534 Stillborn Joanna: 26 June 1535 – 7 September 1573 Married her first cousin João Manuel, Prince of Portugal. John: 19 October 1537 – 20 March 1538 Died in infancy. Son: 21 April 1539 Stillborn.

  3. At the age of 18, Leopold married Marie Henriette of Austria, a cousin of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and granddaughter of the late Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II, on 22 August 1853 in Brussels. Lively and energetic, Marie Henriette endeared herself to the people by her character and benevolence.

  4. Leopold Johann: 13 April 1716 – 4 November 1716 Archduke of Austria, died aged seven months. Maria Theresa: 13 May 1717 – 29 November 1780 Archduchess of Austria and heiress of the Habsburg dynasty, married Francis III Stephen, Duke of Lorraine (later Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor) and had issue; succeeded by the House of Habsburg-Lorraine.

  5. Born in Jesi, near Ancona, Italy, on 26 December 1194, Frederick was the son of the emperor Henry VI.He was known as the puer Apuliae (son of Apulia). His mother Constance gave birth to him at the age of 40, and Boccaccio related in his De mulieribus claris about the empress: as a Sicilian princess and paternal aunt of William II of Sicily, a prediction that "her marriage would destroy Sicily ...

  6. Biography Family. Matthias was born in the Austrian capital of Vienna as the fourth son of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor, and Maria of Spain.His brothers were Rudolf (who became Emperor Rudolf II), Ernest, Maximilian (from 1585 Grand Master of the Teutonic Order), Albert (archbishop of Toledo, later governor of the Netherlands), and Wenceslaus (Grand Prior of the Order of Malta in Castile).

  7. Holy Roman Emperor; Reign: 1328 – 11 October 1347: Coronation: 17 January 1328 : Predecessor: Henry VII: Successor: Charles IV: Duke of Bavaria until 1317 with Rudolf I; Reign: 1301 – 11 October 1347: Predecessor: Rudolf I: Successor: Louis V, Stephen II, Louis VI, William I, Albert I and Otto V