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    Hace 4 días · Satan. Satan, [a] also known as the Devil, [b] and sometimes also called Lucifer in Christianity, is an entity in Abrahamic religions that seduces humans into sin or falsehood. In Judaism, Satan is seen as an agent subservient to God, typically regarded as a metaphor for the yetzer hara, or "evil inclination".

  2. Hace 3 días · The Holy Roman Empire was also in decline. In the aftermath of the Great Interregnum (1247–1273), the empire lost cohesion and the separate dynasties of the various German states became more politically important than their union under the emperor.

  3. In 1785, Emperor Joseph II of Habsburg transferred the see of the Wiener Neustadt diocese to Sankt Pölten. In the 19th century the city, which was almost entirely rebuilt after a destructive fire in 1834, [5] became an industrial town, especially after the opening of the Austrian Southern Railway in 1841.

  4. Hace 3 días · Politics. A head of state (or chief of state) is the public persona of a sovereign state. [1] The specific naming of the head of state depends on the country's form of government and separation of powers; the head of state may be a ceremonial figurehead or concurrently the head of government and more. In a parliamentary system, such as India or ...

  5. Hace 4 días · List of Gothic architecture. This is a list of buildings which are examples of Gothic architecture, either their totality or portions thereof; examples of Gothic Revival architecture have been excluded. This list is separated into regions relating to the borders and dominant powers during the period of when these buildings were constructed (as ...

  6. Hace 4 días · He had previously served as secretary to Emperor Menelik II (r. 1889–1913). At the time the list was written in 1922, Selassie was president of the special court in Addis Ababa , whose job was to resolve disputes between Ethiopians and foreigners.