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  1. Leopold II (Peter Leopold Josef Anton Joachim Pius Gotthard; 5 May 1747 – 1 March 1792) was the 44th Holy Roman Emperor, King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia, and Archduke of Austria from 1790 to 1792, and Grand Duke of Tuscany from 1765 to 1790.

  2. Leopoldo de Habsburgo-Lorena (en alemán: Leopold II von Habsburg-Lothringen; Viena, 5 de mayo de 1747 - id. 1 de marzo de 1792) fue un archiduque austriaco y luego emperador del Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico. Era hijo de los emperadores María Teresa de Habsburgo y Francisco I de Lorena.

  3. The eldest son of future Emperor Leopold II and Maria Luisa of Spain, Francis was born in Florence, where his father ruled as Grand Duke of Tuscany. Leopold became Holy Roman Emperor in 1790 but died two years later, and Francis succeeded him.

  4. Otto the Great (AD 962 formation) Last monarch. Francis II. Formation. 25 December 800. Abolition. 6 August 1806. The Holy Roman Emperor, originally and officially the Emperor of the Romans ( Latin: Imperator Romanorum, German: Kaiser der Römer) during the Middle Ages, and also known as the Roman-German Emperor since the early modern period [1 ...

  5. 1 de may. de 2024 · Leopold II was the Holy Roman emperor from 1790 to 1792, one of the most capable of the 18th-century reformist rulers known as the “enlightened despots.”. The third son of the Habsburg Maria Theresa and the emperor Francis I, Leopold succeeded his father as duke of Tuscany when his eldest brother.

  6. 1 de mar. de 2015 · Leopold II. Grand Duke of Tuscany (1765–1790), emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and ruler of the Habsburg Monarchy (1790–1792) Born 5 May 1747 in Vienna. Died 1 March 1792 in Vienna. Motto: ‘Pietate et Concordia – By piety and concord’. As a ruler Leopold II was prepared to initiate reforms.

  7. 11 de may. de 2018 · Leopold II (1747-1792) was Holy Roman emperor from 1790 to 1792. He used his outstanding talents as a diplomat and administrator to strengthen the empire by pacifying the Netherlands and Hungary and making agreements with Prussia and Turkey. Born in Vienna on May 5, 1747, Leopold was the third son of Maria Theresa and Emperor Francis I.