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  1. At the Union of England and Scotland, the lord keeper of the Great Seal of England became the first lord high chancellor of Great Britain, but Lord Seafield continued as lord chancellor of Scotland until 1708; was re-appointed in 1713; and sat as an extraordinary lord of session in that capacity until his death in 1730, since which time the office of lord chancellor of Scotland has been in ...

  2. Más que de grandes teóricos como lord Kelvin, fue el momento de grandes ingenieros e inventores, como Gramme, [27] Tesla, Sprague, Westinghouse, [28] von Siemens [29] Graham Bell, [30] y, sobre todo, Alva Edison y su revolucionaria manera de entender la relación entre investigación científico-técnica y mercado capitalista, que convirtió la innovación tecnológica en una actividad ...

  3. Star-Lord apareció como un personaje principal en la miniserie de Secret Wars, y en una miniserie durante el evento, Star-Lord y Kitty Pryde. [ 17 ] Durante la publicación de "Secret Wars", Marvel estrenó una nueva serie en curso de Star-Lord , escrita por Sam Humphries, como parte de la iniciativa All-New, All-Different Marvel que se centró en los orígenes renovados del personaje.

  4. The Lord High Steward is the first of the Great Officers of State in England, nominally ranking above the Lord Chancellor. The office has generally remained vacant since 1421, and is now an ad hoc office that is primarily ceremonial and is filled only for a coronation.

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    Star-Lord appeared as a main character in the core Secret Wars miniseries, and in a tie-in miniseries during the event, Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde. [16] During publication of "Secret Wars", Marvel premiered a new ongoing Star-Lord series, written by Sam Humphries , as part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel initiative, which focused on the character's revamped origins.

  6. The Lord President has no role in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Unlike some of the other Great Officers of State, the office of Lord President is not very old (relative to the over 1,000-year history of government in the British Isles), the first certain appointment to the office being that of the Duke of Suffolk in 1529.

  7. Howard was created Earl of Nottingham in 1596 and was appointed Lord Lieutenant General of England [a unique and unprecedented title] in 1599. In 1596, when another Spanish invasion was feared, Howard was again appointed to defend England. Howard and the Earl of Essex jointly led an attack against the Spanish base at Cadiz on 20 June. [citation ...