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  1. Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha on 10 February 1840. She chose to wear a white wedding dress made from heavy silk satin, making her one of the first women to wear white for their wedding.

  2. 1883 – Louise von Bose, niemiecka mecenaska nauki i sztuki (ur. 1813) 1884 – Hans Makart, austriacki malarz, grafik, dekorator (ur. 1840) 1886 – Karol Mikoszewski, polski duchowny katolicki, członek Tymczasowego Rządu Narodowego w powstaniu styczniowym, emigrant (ur. 1832) 1891 – Édouard Lucas, francuski matematyk (ur. 1842)

  3. The Duchess of Kent would personally drill her daughter after each lesson. At eight years old, Victoria began learning decorum, reading, and writing from Baroness Lehzen. She studied Greek, Latin, Italian, French, and German. The Duchess of Kent instituted a strict daily schedule for Victoria's education.

  4. Vittoria (Alexandrina Victoria; Londra, 24 maggio 1819 – Isola di Wight, 22 gennaio 1901) è stata regina del Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna e Irlanda dal 20 giugno 1837 e Imperatrice d'India dal 1876 fino alla sua morte.

  5. The Victoria Memorial is a monument to Queen Victoria, located at the end of The Mall in London, and designed and executed by the sculptor (Sir) Thomas Brock. ...

  6. Princesses Louise and Beatrice, Prince Henry of Battenberg, Prime Minister Lord Rosebery, and Secretary of State for India Henry Fowler had all raised concerns about Karim with the Queen, who "refused to listen to what they had to say but was very angry, so as you see the Munshi is a sort of pet, like a dog or cat which the Queen will not willingly give up".

  7. Joachim Friedrich Lehzen (1735–1800) Pastor, Vater von Louise Lehzen; Heinrich Hermann Schultz (1836–1903), lutherischer Theologe und Hochschullehrer; Bernhard Baurschmidt (1839–1906), Reichstagsabgeordneter, Oberpräsident in Breslau; Bodo Voigts (1844–1920), Jurist und Präsident des altpreußischen Evangelischen Oberkirchenrats