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  1. Ludwig I or Louis I (German: Ludwig I.; 25 August 1786 – 29 February 1868) was King of Bavaria from 1825 until the 1848 revolutions in the German states. When he was crown prince, he was involved in the Napoleonic Wars. As king, he encouraged Bavaria's industrialization, initiating the Ludwig Canal between the rivers Main and the Danube.

  2. As the eldest surviving brother of the Emperor, Karl Ludwig, after the death of his nephew Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria in 1889, became heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. A newspaper article appeared shortly after the death of his nephew claiming that the Archduke had renounced his succession rights in favor of his eldest son Franz Ferdinand . [2]

  3. Frédéric-Guillaume IV Friedrich Wilhelm IV: Portrait du roi Frédéric-Guillaume IV. Titre; Roi de Prusse; 7 juin 1840 – 2 janvier 1861 (20 ans, 6 mois et 26 jours) Régent Guillaume: Premier ministre Ludwig Gustav von Thile: Ministre-président Adolf Heinrich von Arnim-Boitzenburg Ludolf Camphausen Rudolf von Auerswald Ernst von Pfuel

  4. Biografía Primeros años de vida. Desde su nacimiento hasta 1917, año en que numerosos miembros de la realeza británica cambiaron sus tratamientos y títulos alemanes (incluso el rey, Jorge V, quien cambió el nombre de su dinastía de Sajonia-Coburgo-Gotha al aún vigente Windsor), Luis Mountbatten fue conocido como su alteza serenísima el príncipe Luis de Battenberg.

  5. Hesse-Kassel, also spelled Hesse-cassel, also called (1944–45) Electoral Hesse, German Hessen-kassel, Hessen-cassel, or Kurhessen, former landgraviate of Germany, formed in 1567 in the division of old Hesse. In 1567 Hesse was partitioned among four sons of Landgrave Philip the Magnanimous, Hesse-Kassel going to William IV the Wise. Hesse-Kassel was the largest, most important, and most ...