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  1. 4 de sept. de 2023 · Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor (1640 – 1705), married (1) his first cousin Margaret Theresa of Spain, had four children, only one survived childhood (2) his first cousin and Maria Leopoldine’s niece Claudia Felicitas of Austria, had two children, both died in childhood (3) Eleonor Magdalene of Neuburg, had ten children, five survived childhood

  2. 19 de sept. de 2023 · Magdala was an ancient city located on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, carrying its own rich history and symbolism. In ancient times, Magdala was a prosperous city known for its fishing industry and vibrant culture. It was also the birthplace of Mary Magdalene, a prominent figure in biblical history.

  3. 1 de sept. de 2023 · So sad to read this morning about the death of Dr Armin Prinz zur Lippe, head of the Princely House of Lippe. He died in Detmold on 20 August 2015 after a short, serious illness. He was born on 18 August 1924 as son of the last reigning prince of Lippe, Fürst Leopold IV, and […]

    • Early Life
    • Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst
    • Marriages
    • Sole Ruler of Anhalt
    • Death and Succession

    Joachim Ernest was born in Dessau on 21 Oc­to­ber 1536 as the sec­ond son of John V, Prince of An­halt-Zerbst, by his wife Mar­garet, daugh­ter of Joachim I Nestor, Elec­tor of Bran­den­burg. He re­ceived an ex­ten­sive ed­u­ca­tion under the su­per­vi­sion of his fa­ther. On 1 Feb­ru­ary 1549, just thir­teen years of age, he was of­fi­cially ad­mi...

    In 1550, after the death of his fa­ther, he in­her­ited An­halt-Zerbst along with his older brother Karl I and his younger brother Bern­hard VII. The death of his uncle George III with­out male heirs per­mit­ted him and his broth­ers, Karl I and Bern­hard VII, to in­herit An­halt-Plötzkau in 1553, while the death of his uncle Joachim I per­mit­ted ...

    In Barby on 3 March 1560 Joachim Ernest mar­ried Agnes of Barby-Mühlin­gen (b. Barby, 23 June 1540 – d. Bern­burg, 27 No­vem­ber 1569), daugh­ter of Wolf­gang I, Count of Barby-Mühlin­gen (1502-1564) and his wife, Count­ess Agnes of Mans­feld(1511-1558). They had six chil­dren. In Stuttgart on 9 Jan­u­ary 1571 Joachim Ernest mar­ried for a sec­ond ...

    In 1570 the death of his last sur­viv­ing brother, Bern­hard VII, left him as sole ruler of all the An­halt states, which were fi­nally uni­fied for the first time since their first par­ti­tion in 1252. Joachim Ernest made Dessauthe seat of his gov­ern­ment. Joachim Ernest was a typ­i­cal Re­nais­sance monarch who gen­er­ously sup­ported the arts a...

    Prince Joachim Ernest died in Dessau on 6 De­cem­ber 1586. Since suc­ces­sion in the ter­ri­to­ries of An­halt was not gov­erned by the rules of pri­mo­gen­i­ture, Joachim Ernest's seven sons shared rule of the ter­ri­to­ries of An­halt until 1603, when the five sur­viv­ing sons di­vided their lands among them­selves.

  4. 25 de ago. de 2023 · Take a tour of all the sites of Magdala by the Sea of Galilee. See the latest discoveries and learn about the life of Mary Magdalene, one of Christ's most de...

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  5. 15 de sept. de 2023 · What is the meaning of the name Magdalene? The name Magdalene is primarily a female name of Latin origin that means Watchtower, Watchful. A place name used as a surname for people from the village of Magdala on the Sea of Galilee. In the Bible, Mary Magdelene is a follower of Christ.