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  1. 05/07/2015 · Vladimir 'the Saint', Grand Prince of Kiev married Malfrida. Vladimir 'the Saint', Grand Prince of Kiev was born circa 960 at Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine; Age 55 in 1015. He married Rognieda de Polotsk , daughter of Rognwald, Count of Polotsk , in 980.

  2. Malusha/Malfrida c.958 at least one son March 972 Khortytsia aged 29–30 The first true ruler of Rus' who destroyed the Khazar Khaganate and united all of the Rus' principalities under the Kiev throne. Yaropolk I Yaropolk Sviatoslavich (Яропо́лк Святосла́вич) Old Norse: Iaropolk Sveinaldsson: c.950

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    Malfrida (en), femme du grand-prince Vladimir I er. Manfred I er de Turin (en), marquis de Turin (en). Abu Sahl 'Isa ibn Yahya al-Masihi, médecin, astronome et philosophe persan, chrétien de l'Église jacobite. Al-Maqdisi, voyageur et géographe arabe. Flaín Muñoz (es) Dương Vân Nga, impératrice douairière de la dynastie Đinh.

  6. The Rurik dynasty (Belarusian: Ру́рыкавічы, romanized: Rúrykavichy; Russian: Рю́риковичи, romanized: Ryúrikovichi, IPA: [ˈrjʉrʲɪkəvʲɪt͡ɕɪ]; Ukrainian: Рю́риковичі, romanized: Riúrykovychi, IPA: [ˈrʲurɪkowɪtʃi]; literally "sons/scions of Rurik"), also known as the Rurikid dynasty or Rurikids, was a noble lineage founded by the Varangian prince ...

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