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  1. Woodrow Wilson, in full Thomas Woodrow Wilson, (born December 28, 1856, Staunton, Virginia, U.S.—died February 3, 1924, Washington, D.C.), 28th president of the United States (1913–21), an American scholar and statesman best remembered for his legislative accomplishments and his high-minded idealism. Wilson led his country into World War I and became the creator and leading advocate of the ...

  2. The USS Woodrow Wilson, a Lafayette-class submarine, was named for Wilson. Other things named for Wilson include the Woodrow Wilson Bridge between Prince George's County, Maryland and Virginia , and the Palais Wilson , which serves as the temporary headquarters of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva until 2023 at the end of leasing. [336]

  3. 27/04/2022 · Woodrow Wilson High School Alumni Tributes Margaret’s second home and family was the Brookfield Diner where she was a waitress for over 20 years. Her husband, Albin Chimel, whom she married July ...

  4. Margaret Eleanor « Peggy » Atwood, née le 18 novembre 1939 à Ottawa, est une romancière, poète et critique littéraire canadienne [2]. Elle est l'une des écrivaines canadiennes les plus connues, en particulier pour son roman La Servante écarlate ( The Handmaid's Tale ).

  5. 05/09/2019 · Roosevelt shared many of the progressive policies of Wilson, yet his core support came from ex-Republicans who defected from the party. Taft was defeated, getting 3.5 million votes compared to Roosevelt's 4.1 million. Together, Taft and Roosevelt earned a combined 50% of the popular vote to Wilson's 43%.