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  1. Maria Antonia, Princess of Bavaria, Electress of Saxony (18 July 1724 – 23 April 1780) was a German princess, composer, singer, harpsichordist and patron of the arts, known particularly for her operas: Il trionfo della fedeltà (“The triumph of fidelity”) and Talestri, regina delle amazoni (“Talestri, queen of the Amazons”).

  2. Margaret did not develop the serious health issues and disabilities (because of the close consanguinity of her parents) that her younger brother had shown since his birth. During her childhood she was once seriously ill, but survived. According to contemporaries, Margaret had an attractive appearance and lively character.

  3. Prince Rupert is the protagonist of Margaret Irwin's novel The Stranger Prince and appears in her later novel The Bride. Both novels deal with the Civil War period. Prince Rupert is the subject of Samuel Edwards 's biographical novel The White Plume , published by William Morrow and Company Ltd. in 1961, a semi-fictional account of his life from his late teens until his marriage to Peg ...

  4. Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria (German: Maria Anna von Habsburg, Erzherzogin von Österreich, also known as Maria Anna von Bayern or Maria-Anna, Kurfürstin von Bayern; 13 January 1610 – 25 September 1665), was a German regent, Electress of Bavaria by marriage to Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria, and co-regent of the Electorate of Bavaria during the minority of her son Ferdinand Maria ...

  5. Margaret of Austria: 23. Maria Anna of Bavaria (= 17, ≠9) 1. Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor: 24. Philip Louis, Count Palatine of Neuburg: 12. Wolfgang William, Count Palatine of Neuburg: 25. Anna of Cleves: 6. Philip William, Elector Palatine: 26. William V, Duke of Bavaria (= 18) 13. Magdalene of Bavaria: 27. Renata of Lorraine (= 19) 3.

  6. In 1911, Louise broke her silence and published a memoir blaming her disgrace on her late father-in-law and Saxon politicians, who she claimed feared that, when she became queen, she would use her influence to dismiss them from office.

  7. Leopold and Margaret Theresa had four children: Archduke Ferdinand Wenzel (1667–1668) Archduchess Maria Antonia (1669–1692), who married Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria. Archduke Johann Leopold (1670) Archduchess Maria Anna Antonia (1672) His second wife was Claudia Felicitas of Austria, who died in 1676 at the age of 22.