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  1. Brandenburg-Prussia tried to claim Crab Island in 1687, but the island was also claimed by other European powers beforehand, and when a second expedition in 1692 found the island under Danish control, the plan was abandoned. In 1689, Brandenburg-Prussia claimed Peter Island, but the small rock proved unsuitable for trade or settlement.

  2. Sophie of Brandenburg-Ansbach-Kulmbach: 23. Sophia Jagiellon: 1. Anne Catherine of Brandenburg: 24. John Cicero, Elector of Brandenburg: 12. Joachim I Nestor, Elector of Brandenburg (=#16) 25. Margaret of Thuringia: 6. John I, Margrave of Brandenburg-Küstrin: 26. John of Denmark: 13. Elizabeth of Denmark (=#17) 27. Christina of Saxony: 3 ...

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  4. Princess Caroline of Brandenburg-Ansbach: 1. Marie Sophie of Hesse-Kassel: 12. Christian VI of Denmark: 6. Frederick V of Denmark: 13. Princess Sophia Magdalene of Brandenburg-Kulmbach: 3. Princess Louise of Denmark: 14. George II of Great Britain (= 10) 7. Princess Louise of Great Britain: 15. Princess Caroline of Brandenburg-Ansbach (= 11)

  5. Upon the illness of the king in Brandenburg during the campaign of 1719, he sent for Sophia Dorothea and entrusted her with his will, cautioning secrecy. Within the document, she was named regent during the minority of their son, with Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor , and King George I of Great Britain as guardians to the Crown Prince.

  6. The first care of the new elector was to come to terms with John Frederick, and to strengthen his own hold upon the electoral position. This object was secured by a treaty made at Naumburg in February 1554, when, in return for the grant of Altenburg and other lands, John Frederick recognized Augustus as elector of Saxony.

  7. Sophia of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg (30 May 1579 – 3 June 1658, in Treptow an der Rega, her dower), married on 8 March 1607 to Philip II, Duke of Pomerania-Stettin Elisabeth of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg (24 September 1580 – 21 December 1653), married on 19 February 1615 to Bogislaw XIV, Duke of Pomerania (son of her sister Anna's husband, Bogilaw XIII, Duke of Pomerania).