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  1. Maria Shvarnovna was the first wife of Vsevolod III Big Nest, and gave birth to at least 14 children. Four of her sons, Konstantin, George, Yaroslav and Sviatoslav, succeeded their father as Grand Princes of Vladimir, and Yaroslav went on to become Grand Prince of Kiev around the time of the Mongol Invasion.

  2. Discover the family tree of Princess Maria Shvarnovna Of Mähren-Olmütz for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry.

  3. Discover the family tree of Maria "Saint Maria Shvarnovna" SHVARNOVNA for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry.

  4. Maria Shvarnovna: Vsevolod III, Konstantin of Rostov, Yuri II, Yaroslav II of Russia, Sviatoslav Vsevolodovich of Vladimir, Grand Prince, Vladimir : Miller, Frederic ...

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  5. The request to have her name's "shvarnovna" provided with sources, was erased by some deranged editor. History simply does not know what was her origin and who was her father. Therefore any patronymic to her is agains neutrality. and the article is a laughingstock among better-qualified peole who know that her origin is not known, merely conjectured by a few mutually excluding hypotheses.

  6. Sviatoslav III de Vladímir (27 de marzo de 1196 - 3 de febrero de 1252 ). Iván Vsévolodovich, príncipe de Starodub del Kliazma (28 de noviembre de 1197 - más tarde de 1247 ). Pelagea Vsévolodovna. Anna Vsévolodovna. Se casó con Vladímir, príncipe de Bélgorod († 1239). María falleció en 1205 o 1206.

  7. Konstantín de Vladímir. 18 de mayo de 1185 jul. Konstantín Vsévolodovich (en ruso: Константи́н Все́володович) también conocido como Konstantín de Vladímir o Konstantín de Rostov (18 de mayo de 1186, Rostov - 2 de febrero de 1218) fue el hijo mayor de Vsévolod III de Vladímir y María Shvarnovna. Durante 1206 y ...