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  1. 11/07/2022 · Maria Borisovna Mednikova, candidate of Biological Sciences, senior researcher at the Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Alexeevich Belyaev, senior researcher at the Institute of Modern History, head of the group, candidate of Historical Sciences Participating from the monastery:

  2. 15/07/2022 · He died two years later and was interred in the Archangel Cathedral. His seven sons continued the lineage of Serpukhov princes until 1456. His granddaughter Maria of Borovsk married Vasily II and gave birth to Ivan the Great, who expelled the last princes of Serpukhov to Lithuania. The last of Vladimir's male-line descendants died in 1521.

  3. 18/07/2022 · John Stonestreet, Maria Baer July 28, 2022 155 Comments. Patriarchy ... Metropolitan Clement of Kaluga and Borovsk November 19, 2021 1,217 ...

  4. 15/07/2022 · July 15, 1353: Birth of Prince Vladimir the Bold Vladimir Andreyevich the Bold was the most famous prince of Serpukhov. His moniker alludes to his many...

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    He was born in Izhevskoye (now in Spassky District, Ryazan Oblast), in the Russian Empire, to a middle-class family. His father, Edward Tsiolkovsky (in Polish: Ciołkowski), was Polish; his mother, Maria Yumasheva, was an educated Russian woman. His father was successively a forester, teacher, and minor government official. At the age of 9, Konstant...

    Tsiolkovsky stated that he developed the theory of rocketry only as a supplement to philosophical research on the subject. He wrote more than 400 works, most of which are little known to the general reader because of their questionable value. During his lifetime he published approximately 90 works on space travel and related subjects. Among his wor...

    Only late in his lifetime was Tsiolkovsky honored for his pioneering work. He supported the Bolshevik Revolution, and the new Soviet government eagerly promoted science and technology. In 1918 he was elected as a member of the Socialist Academy. Tsiolkovsky worked as a high school mathematics teacher until retiring in 1920 at the age of 63. In 1921...

    Although many called his ideas impractical, Tsiolkovsky influenced later rocket scientists throughout Europe, like Wernher von Braun. Russian search teams at Peenemünde found a German translation of a book by Tsiolkovsky of which "almost every page...was embellished by von Braun's comments and notes." Leading Russian rocket-engine designer Valentin...

    Tsiolovsky wrote a book called The Will of the Universe. The Unknown Intelligencein 1928 in which he propounded a philosophy ofpanpsychism. He believed humans would eventually colonize the Milky Way galaxy.

    The State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics in Kaluga now bears his name.
    The crater Tsiolkovskiy (the most prominent crater on the far side of the Moon) was named after him, while asteroid 1590 Tsiolkovskajawas named after his wife. (The Soviet Union obtained naming rig...
    There is a statue of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky directly outside the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
    There is a Google Doodle honoring the famous pioneer.
    Tsiolkovsky was consulted for the script to the early Soviet science-fiction film, Kosmicheskiy reys.
    SF writer Alexander Beliaev has written a book in which a city and a space station are named after him.
    A lunar station is named Tsiolkovsky in Stanisław Lem's novel Tales of Pirx the Pilot, story "The Conditional Reflex".
    A space station is named Tsiolkovsky 1 in William Gibson's short story "Hinterlands".
    (Russian) Tsiolkovsky, Konstantin E. (1893), First on the Moon (На Луне)
    (Russian) Tsiolkovsky, Konstantin E. (1903), "The Exploration of Cosmic Space by Means of Reaction Devices (Исследование мировых пространств реактивными приборами)", The Science Review(5)
    (Russian) Tsiolkovsky, Konstantin E. (1931) (PDF), Origin and an Essence of Music (Происхождение музыки и ее сущность), retrieved 22 September 2008

    Andrews, James T. (2009), Red Cosmos: K.E. Tsiolkovskii, Grandfather of Soviet Rocketry, Texas A&M University Press, ISBN 978-1-60344-168-1 Review

  5. 31/07/2022 · One ruler considered a tyrant in the modern sense is Ivan IV the Terrible of Russia. What was his first wife's name? Hint Sophie Friederike Auguste Rogneda of Polotsk Anastasia Romanovna Maria of Borovsk 4. Many of those people popularly considered tyrants today do not fit the original meaning of a tyrant.

  6. 29/07/2022 · Americká novinářka Fatima Tlisová na svém twitterovém účtu upozornila na ruské propagandistické video, které sdílí na Telegramu oficiální ruské státní účty. Profesionálně natočený klip láká lidi k životu v Rusku s tím, že jde o bohatou zemi, která překoná „i tisíce sankcí“.