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  1. Marie de France, aussi connue sous le nom de Marie de Champagne, née en 1145, morte en 1198, est la première fille de Louis VII le jeune roi de France et d'Aliénor d'Aquitaine, ce qui présente la particularité de faire d'elle la demi-sœur à la fois de Richard Cœur de Lion et de Philippe Auguste.

  2. Margaret, often called Margaret of Constantinople (1202 – 10 February 1280), ruled as Countess of Flanders during 1244–1278 and Countess of Hainaut during 1244–1253 and 1257–1280. She was the younger daughter of Baldwin IX , Count of Flanders and Hainaut, and Marie of Champagne .

  3. Software is an essential driver for the digitalization of societies and industries. It brings the physical and virtual worlds together. Building technology, energy infrastructures or products are planned, developed and thoroughly tested in the virtual sphere before a single screw is turned in the real world.

  4. During the first years of her marriage, Marie-Amelie and Louis Philippe lived under British protection in Palermo, in a palace given to them by her father, the Palazzo Orléans. [7] Marie-Amelie went to France with her new husband in 1814, where she attempted to make a home with her growing family, but with Napoleon's brief return, she was forced to flee yet again.

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    The Latin letter 'E' differs little from its source, the Greek letter epsilon, 'Ε'.This in turn comes from the Semitic letter hê, which has been suggested to have started as a praying or calling human figure (hillul 'jubilation'), and was most likely based on a similar Egyptian hieroglyph that indicated a different pronunciation.

  6. Marie had ten live children, seven of whom survived to adulthood. They all regarded her as a model of virtue, particularly her daughters. Marie herself, being of a phlegmatic nature, was not known to show them much affection. Marie was regarded as plain in appearance by her contemporaries but with a fresh and healthy complexion.

  7. Missouri Botanical Garden. 4344 Shaw Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63110 (314) 577-5100 hours and admission Butterfly House. Faust Park, 15193 Olive Blvd. Chesterfield, MO 63017