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  1. Marie of France (1145 – 11 March 1198) was a French princess and Countess consort of Champagne. She was regent of the county of Champagne in 1179–1181, and in 1190–1197. She was the elder daughter of King Louis VII of France and Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine

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    Sometimes confused with Marie de France, Mary of France, a medieval poet of England in the 12th century whose Lais of Marie de Francesurvive along with a translation of Aesop's Fables into the English of the time -- and perhaps others works.

    Marie was born to Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis VII of France. That marriage was already shaky when Eleanor gave birth to a second daughter, Alix, in 1151, and the pair realized that they were not likely to have a son. Salic Lawwas interpreted to mean that a daughter or daughter's husband could not inherit the crown of France. Eleanor and Louis had their marriage annulled in 1152, Eleanor left first for Aquitaine and then married the heir to England's crown, Henry Fitzempress. Alix and Marie were left in France with their father and, later, stepmothers.

    In 1160, when Louis married his third wife, Adèle of Champagne, Louis betrothed his daughters Alix and Marie to brothers of his new wife. Marie and Henry, Count of Champagne, were married in 1164. Henry went to fight in the Holy Land, leaving Marie as his regent. While Henry was away, Marie's half-brother, Philip, succeeded their father as king, and seized the dower lands of his mother, Adèle of Champagne, who was also Marie's sister-iin-law. Marie and others joined Adèle in opposing Philip's action; by the time Henry returned from the Holy Land, Marie and Philip had settled their conflict.

    When Henry died in 1181, Marie served as regent for their son, Henry II, until 1187. When Henry II went to the Holy Land to fight in a crusade, Marie again served as regent. Henry died in 1197, and Marie's younger son Theobold succeeded him. Marie entered a convent and died in 1198.

    Marie may have been a patron of André le Chapelain (Andreas Capellanus), author of one of the works on courtly love, as a chaplain who served Marie was named Andreas (and Chapelain or Capellanus means "chaplain"). In the book, he attributes judgments to Marie and to her mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, among others. Some sources accept the claim that the book, De Amore and known in English as The Art of Courtly Love, was written at the request of Marie. There is no solid historical evidence that Marie of France -- with or without her mother -- presided at courts of love in France, though some writers have made that claim. Also known as:Marie Capet; Marie de France; Marie, Countess of Champagne

    Mother: Eleanor of Aquitaine
    Father: Louis VII of France Stepmothers: Constance of Castile, then Adèle of Champagne
    Full siblings: sister Alix, Countess of Blois; half siblings (father Louis VII): Marguerite of France, Alys of France, Philip II of France, Agnes of France. She also had half-siblings from her moth...
    husband: Henry I, Count of Champagne (married 1164)
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  2. In André Le Chapelain. …chaplain at the court of Marie, Countess of Champagne, daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine. At Marie’s request André wrote the Liber. It was translated into French twice during the 13th century; Guillaume de Lorris drew upon it for the Roman de la rose. The Liber codifies the whole doctrine of….

  3. Life. Marie was a daughter of Henry I, Count of Champagne, and Marie, daughter of King Louis VII of France.. According to the chronicle of Gislebert of Mons, on 13 May 1179 Marie was officially bethrothed to Baldwin, son of the count of Flanders and Hainaut, to whom she was already promised to be wed in 1171.

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    A veces se confunde con María de Francia, María de Francia, una poeta medieval de Inglaterra en el siglo XII cuyo Lais de María de Franciasobrevive junto con una traducción de las Fábulas de Esopo al inglés de la época, y quizás otras obras.

    Marie nació de Leonor de Aquitania y Luis VII de Francia. Ese matrimonio ya era inestable cuando Eleanor dio a luz a una segunda hija, Alix, en 1151, y la pareja se dio cuenta de que no era probable que tuvieran un hijo. La ley sálicase interpretó en el sentido de que una hija o el marido de una hija no podía heredar la corona de Francia. Eleanor y Louis anularon su matrimonio en 1152, Leonor se fue primero a Aquitania y luego se casó con el heredero de la corona de Inglaterra, Henry Fitzempress. Alix y Marie se quedaron en Francia con su padre y, más tarde, madrastras.

    En 1160, cuando Louis se casó con su tercera esposa, Adela de Champagne, Louis desposó a sus hijas Alix y Marie con los hermanos de su nueva esposa. Marie y Henry, conde de Champagne, se casaron en 1164. Enrique fue a luchar en Tierra Santa, dejando a Marie como su regente. Mientras Enrique estaba fuera, el medio hermano de María, Felipe, sucedió a su padre como rey y se apoderó de las tierras viudas de su madre, Adela de Champagne, que también era cuñada de María. Marie y otros se unieron a Adèle para oponerse a la acción de Philip; cuando Enrique regresó de Tierra Santa, María y Felipe habían resuelto su conflicto.

    Cuando Enrique murió en 1181, María sirvió como regente de su hijo, Enrique II, hasta 1187. Cuando Enrique II fue a Tierra Santa para luchar en una cruzada, María nuevamente sirvió como regente. Henry murió en 1197 y el hijo menor de Marie, Theobold, lo sucedió. Marie entró en un convento y murió en 1198.

    Marie pudo haber sido una mecenas de André le Chapelain (Andreas Capellanus), autor de una de las obras sobre el amor cortés, ya que un capellán que servía a Marie se llamaba Andreas (y Chapelain o Capellanus significa "capellán"). En el libro, atribuye juicios a Marie y a su madre, Leonor de Aquitania, entre otros. Algunas fuentes aceptan la afirmación de que el libro, De Amorey conocido en inglés como The Art of Courtly Love, fue escrito a petición de Marie. No hay evidencia histórica sólida de que María de Francia, con o sin su madre, presidiera los tribunales del amor en Francia, aunque algunos escritores han hecho esa afirmación. También conocida como:Marie Capet; Marie de France; Marie, condesa de Champagne

    Madre:  Leonor de Aquitania
    Padre:  Luis VII de FranciaMadrastras:  Constanza de Castilla, luego Adela de Champagne
    Hermanos completos: hermana Alix, condesa de Blois; medios hermanos (padre Luis VII): Margarita de Francia, Alys de Francia, Felipe II de Francia, Inés de Francia. También tuvo medios hermanos del...
    esposo: Enrique I, conde de Champagne (casado en 1164)
  4. 28/12/2021 · Eleanor of Aquitaine 's daughter Marie, who became the countess of Champagne, was a literary patron in her own right, commissioning courtly romances from such poets as Chretien de Troyes. Chretien's works include "Lancelot, or The Knight of the Cart," and other Arthurian romances.

  5. 10/05/2020 · Marie of France, or Marie Capet, Countess of Champagne (1145 – March 11, 1198), was the elder daughter of Louis VII of France and his first wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. Her younger sister was Alix of France. She was an older paternal half-sister to Marguerite of France, Alys, Countess of the Vexin, Philip II of France and Agnes of France.

    • Champagne-Ardenne
    • Rheims, Champagne-Ardenne, France
    • April 1145
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