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  1. Bona of Savoy, Duchess of Milan (10 August 1449 – 23 November 1503) was Duchess of Milan as the second spouse of Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan.She served as regent of Milan during the minority of her son 1476–1481.

  2. Queen Marie Antoinette, wife of King Louis XVI, was beheaded during the French Revolution. This is a list of the women who were queens or empresses as wives of French monarchs from the 843 Treaty of Verdun , which gave rise to West Francia , until 1870, when the Third Republic was declared.

  3. Louis XV subsequently married Marie Leszczyńska in September 1725 and Mariana Victoria's sister the Infanta Maria Teresa Rafaela married Louis XV's son in 1745 to reassure the insulted Spanish court. Crown Princess of Portugal. Her arrival in Spain was taken as a great insult and caused a diplomatic rift between Spain and France.

  4. Margherita became Queen of Italy upon the succession of Umberto to the throne on 9 January 1878. In the critical situation that year, with the king and the pope, as well as an assassination attempt against the new king, Umberto reportedly asked Margherita for political advice.

  5. Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (28 August 1691 – 21 December 1750) was Princess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Holy Roman Empress, German Queen, Queen of Bohemia and Hungary; and Archduchess of Austria by her marriage to Emperor Charles VI.

  6. Mathilde has three sisters: Marie-Alix, Elisabeth and Hélène, and one brother Charles-Henri. [3] [ better source needed ] Upon Mathilde's marriage to Prince Philippe of Belgium, the Duke of Brabant in 1999, King Albert II of Belgium elevated the d'Udekem d'Acoz family from the baronial to the comital rank, hereditary in the male lineage.

  7. John A. Rice, Empress Marie Therese and Music at the Viennese Court, 1792–1807, Cambridge 2003; Friedrich Weissensteiner: Frauen auf Habsburgs Thron – die österreichischen Kaiserinnen, Ueberreuter Wien, 1998, ISBN 3-8000-3709-2; External links. Media related to Maria Teresa of the Two Sicilies at Wikimedia Commons