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  1. In 1989, Marvin E. Thomas argued in Karl Theodor and the Bavarian Succession, 1777–1778 that Charles Theodore wanted to maintain possession of his new territory, as is shown in his diplomatic correspondence. It is more widely understood that Charles Theodore continued the despotic and expensive habits he had developed as Elector Palatine.

  2. German artists: List of great German artists and index to where their art can be viewed at art museums worldwide.

  3. Emanuel Aiwu im ersten Interview beim SK Rapid ... Thomas Murg 01. ... Vorschau: Maximilian Ullmann vor dem Spiel #ASKSCR

  4. In Verbindung mit seinen Grußworten seitens des Hauptvereins überreichte Thomas Steindl nachträglich die Urkunden für die langjährigen Mitglieder des 1. FC Rötz, die bei der Jahreshauptversammlung des Gesamtvereins nicht anwesend waren: Edith Kraus (45 Jahre) , Sandra Maier (30 Jahre) und Patrick Wutz (30 Jahre).

  5. Klappentext<br/><P> Excerpt from Contributions to the Geology and Paleontology of the Canal Zone, Panama, and Geologically Related Areas in Central America and the West Indies<br><br>It is hoped and urged that the Canal Commission will continue in its service a com mission geologist, and will provide facilities for his field work within the Canal Zone until the excavations for the canal ...

  6. Die Stammliste der Habsburger umfasst das Haus Habsburg bzw. das Haus Österreich (lateinisch Domus Austriae, mittellateinisch Casa de Austria, spanisch Casa de Austria, französisch Maison d’Autriche) von seinen Anfängen bis zum 15.

  7. Unlike Maximilian I and Charles V, Ferdinand I was not a nomadic ruler. In 1533, he moved his residence to Vienna and spent most of his time there. After experiencing the Turkish siege of 1529, Ferdinand worked hard to make Vienna an impregnable fortress. After his 1558 election, Vienna became the imperial capital.