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  1. Hace 4 días · In 1928, following the death of Grand Duke Frederick II, who had been deposed in November 1918 when the German monarchies were abolished, Maximilian became head of the House of Zähringen, assuming the dynasty's historical title of Margrave of Baden. He died at Salem on 6 November the following year.

  2. Hace 3 días · The history of Bavaria stretches from its earliest settlement and its formation as a stem duchy in the 6th century through its inclusion in the Holy Roman Empire to its status as an independent kingdom and finally as a large Bundesland (state) of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  3. Hace 4 días · Ferdinand II (9 July 1578 – 15 February 1637) was Holy Roman Emperor, King of Bohemia, Hungary, and Croatia from 1619 until his death in 1637. He was the son of Archduke Charles II of Inner Austria and Maria of Bavaria, who were devout Catholics.

  4. Hace 5 días · At the same time, the Palatinate was conquered by Spanish and Bavarian troops, and the electoral title was transferred to Maximilian of Bavaria in 1623. In the Palatinate, too, the Counter-Reformation sought to bring Protestantism to an end. As the war spread into Hesse and Westphalia and as Spain.

  5. Hace 1 día · Founded in 1855 by King Maximilian II of Bavaria, the Bavarian National Museum was constructed according to plans found by Archive Director Karl Maria Freiherr von Aretin in 1853 the plans for the construction of a Wittelsbach Museum. This should not be just a museum, but the most interesting and patriotic monuments and other remnants of past ...

  6. Hace 3 días · For generations eminent families provided the protagonists of Protestantism in the Lower and Inner Austrian territories. The sons of the nobility were often sent to North German universities to expose them more fully to Protestant influence.

  7. Hace 5 días · It’s that 19th-century fantasy castle, dreamt up by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, that’s nestled high up in the Bavarian Alps. As well as being the inspiration for the Portuguese Pena Palace (#1 above), this white wonder – complete with frescoes, towers and sapphire blue turrets – also played muse to two Disney castles.