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  1. Meinhard I ( c. 1200/1205 – 22 July 1258), a member of the House of Gorizia ( Meinhardiner ), was Count of Gorizia (as Meinhard III) from 1231 and Count of Tyrol from 1253 until his death.

  2. Un Sieghardinger llamado Meginhard (o Meinhard, m. 1090) está documentado como un conde en el Gau de Pustertal, en Baviera. El progenitor de los Meinhardiner, Conde Meinhard I de Goricia, y su hermano Engelbert, conde palatino de Baviera, pudieron ser sus hijos.

  3. Meinhard II (c. 1238 - 1 de noviembre de 1295), miembro de la Casa de Goricia (Meinhardiner), gobernó el Condado de Goricia (como Meinhard IV) y el Condado de Tirol junto con su hermano menor Albert de 1258

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    Meinhard was the son of Meginhard, Count of Lurn, and Diemut of Spanheim. His family was of noble Bavarian origin; Meinhard's father Meginhard is documented as a count in the Bavarian Puster Valley in 1107. The dynasty had been able to acquire large estates in the newly established Patria del Friuli, among them the castle of Gorizia (Görz) as their...

    Meinhard's first marriage, with Hildegard, was childless. From his second marriage, with Elisabeth, a daughter of Count Botho of Schwarzenburg in the Bavarian Nordgau, he had four children: 1. Henry II(d. 1150), succeeded his father as Count of Gorizia, remained childless 2. Engelbert II (d. 1191), married Adelaide, daughter of Count Otto I of Sche...

  4. Meinhard II (c. 1238 – 1 November 1295), a member of the House of Gorizia (Meinhardiner), ruled the County of Gorizia (as Meinhard IV) and the County of Tyrol together with his younger brother Albert from 1258. In 1271 they divided their heritage and Meinhard became sole ruler of Tyrol.

  5. When Meinhard I Count of Gorizia-Tyrol was born in 1200, in Gorizia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy, his father, Engelbert III Von Görz, was 37 and his mother, Matilda of Andechs, was 40. He married Adelheid of Tyrol on 29 September 1237, in Aquiléia, Udine, Italy.

  6. cawiki Meinard I de Gorízia-Tirol; cswiki Menhard I. Tyrolský; dewiki Meinhard III. (Görz) elwiki Μάινχαρτ Α΄ της Γκορίτσια-Τυρόλου; enwiki Meinhard I, Count of Gorizia-Tyrol; frwiki Meinhard Ier de Goritz-Tyrol; itwiki Mainardo I di Tirolo-Gorizia; nlwiki Meinhard I van Tirol; nowiki Meinhard I av Görz-Tirol