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    Kings of the Noldor in Valinor High Kings of the Noldor in Exile (in Middle-earth) The Sons of Fëanor were Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Curufin, Caranthir, Amras, and Amrod. [T 19] The Tolkien scholar Tom Shippey comments that the family tree of the House of Finwë is "essential", as Tolkien allocates character by ancestry; thus, Fëanor is pure Noldor, and so excellent as a craftsman, but his ...

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    Late Middle Ages Its strategic location on the Meuse exposed Dinant to battle and pillage, not always by avowed enemies: in 1466, Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy , uncle of Louis de Bourbon, Prince-Bishop of Liège , and Philip’s son Charles the Bold punished an uprising in Dinant during the Liège Wars , by casting 800 burghers into the Meuse and setting fire to the city.