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    Mary "Moll" Davis (c. 1648 – 1708), also spelt Davies or Davys, was a courtesan and mistress of King Charles II of England. She was an actress and entertainer before and during her role as royal mistress. Early life[ edit] Mary Davis was born in Westminster, as a presumed illegitimate child of Thomas Howard, 3rd Earl of Berkshire.

  2. 6 de oct. de 2017 · Davis was born around 1648 in Westminster and was said by Samuel Pepys, the famous diarist, to be "a bastard of Collonell Howard, my Lord Barkeshire" - probably meaning Thomas Howard, third Earl of Berkshire. During the early 1660s she was an actress in the 'Duke's Theatre Company' and boarded with the company's manager, Sir William Davenant.

    • "Moll Davis"
    • Westminster, Middlesex, England
    • circa 1648
    • 1708 (55-64)
  3. Mary Davis, better known as Moll, was supposedly born in the year 1648 in London. Her background and even the identities of her parents are a bit of a mystery, but it seems she was an illegitimate child of Thomas Howard, 3rd Earl of Berkshire and an unknown woman. Moll rose to fame as an actress in the Dukes Theatre Company.

  4. Moll was the first commoner that the king openly took as a mistress. Charles had undoubtedly engaged the services of prostitutes or had one-off liaisons with low-born women before, but royal mistressesneeded to be of a certain stock: aristocrats moving in the same circles as the king.

  5. Moll Davis apparently began her stage career in 1660. John Downes, prompter at Lincoln’s Inn Fields from the 1660s and author of Roscius Anglicanus, or an Historical Review of the Stage published in 1708, named her as one of Sir William Davenant’s four ‘Principal Actresses’ whom ‘he boarded at his own House’ when he formed his company.

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    21 de jul. de 2014 · Moll is believed to have been born in 1648, in Westminster. Pepys wrote that she was the bastard of Thomas Howard, third Earl of Berkshire. She was an actress and singer, which in those days was synonymous to courtesan of the lowest standard. She was also a fine dancer and comedian, but not everyone would have that.

  7. Moll Davis (c. 1650-1708) joined the Duke’s Theatre Company managed by William Davenant in the early 1660s, quickly becoming popular for her singing, dancing, and acting. She had at least nine named roles during her tenure, but the one that purportedly changed her life was Celania, the mad shepherdess in Davenant’s 1664 The Rivals.