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  1. Natalia Nikolayevna Pushkina-Lanskaya (Russian: Наталья Николаевна Пушкина-Ланская; 8 September 1812 – 26 November 1863) (née Goncharova) (Гончарова) was the wife of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin from 1831 until his death in 1837 in a duel with Georges d'Anthès.

    • 26 November 1863 (aged 51)
  2. Natalia Alexandrovna Pushkina, later Countess of Merenberg (4 June [O.S. 23 May] 1836, Saint Petersburg - 23 March [O.S. 10 March] 1913, Cannes) was the daughter of Alexander Pushkin and the morganatic wife of Prince Nikolaus Wilhelm of Nassau.

  3. Natalia Alexandrovna All-Russian Museum of A.S. Pushkin, St. Petersburg Natalia spent almost half of her life abroad in Hungary trying to break her unhappy marriage with Mikhail Dubelt, whom she ...

  4. Natalia Nikolayevna Pushkina-Lanskaya (en ruso: Наталья Николаевна Пушкина-Ланская , 8 de septiembre de 1812 - 26 de noviembre de 1863) (de soltera Natalia Nikolayevna Goncharova ) (Гончарова) fue la esposa del poeta ruso en 17 un duelo Alexander183 hasta su muerte en 183 Alexander183 hasta su con Georges d'Anthès . Natalia estuvo casada con el general ...

  5. Prince Nikolaus Wilhelm of Nassau. Natalia Alexandrovna Pushkina, Countess of Merenberg. One of the most charming women of her time. Prince Nikolaus Wilhelm of Nassau (20 September 1832 – 17 September 1905), was the only son of William, Duke of Nassau by his second wife Princess Pauline of Württemberg .

  6. 15 de nov. de 2023 · Natalya Goncharova (Pushkina) (1812-1863), wife of poet Alexander Pushkin. The wife of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin enjoyed fame as the best beauty of St. Petersburg. A contemporary of ...

  7. Hace 6 días · Natalia Alexandrovna Pushkina, Pushkin's daughter, 1849 During the six years of their marriage, Natalya Pushkina gave birth to four children: Maria (b. 1832, suggested as a prototype of Anna Karenina), Alexander (b. 1833), Grigory (b. 1835), and Natalya (b. 1836) (who would marry into the royal House of Nassau-Weilburg to Nikolaus Wilhelm of Nassau and become Countess of Merenberg).