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  1. Theobald used his nephew's absence and his own influence at court to gain control over Odo's possessions in Champagne. He had gained a position of considerable power, which increased when he married the daughter of Ralph IV of Valois. From 1074 onward, he left his son Henry in control of Blois, Châteaudun and Chartres. Death

  2. Étienne II Henri (en ancien français Estienne Henri) (né en 1045 [1] et mort le 19 mai 1102) [2], fut comte de Blois, Châteaudun, Chartres, Meaux et seigneur de Sancerre, Saint-Florentin, Provins, Montereau, Vertus, Oulchy-le-Château, Château-Thierry, Châtillon-sur-Marne et Montfélix [3

  3. Eudes I., comte de Blois, Chartres, Troyes, et Champagne Hermann I., Graf im Lochtropgau, Dreigau und im Bistum Osnabrück Bernhard I. (von Werl), Graf von Hövel

  4. After the death of Lothair's heir, Louis V, in 987, Herbert sided with Odo I of Blois and backed Charles, Duke of Lower Lorraine, probably his brother-in-law. Herbert's wife's name is unknown. His son and heir was Stephen .