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  1. over preposition (CONTROL) C2. in control of or teaching someone or something: A good teacher has an easy authority over a class. She's a sales manager but she has a regional sales director over (= with a higher rank than) her.

  2. 1 (across) por encima; por arriba; (LAm) this one goes under and that one goes over este pasa por debajo y ese por encima. 2 (here, there) I'll be over at 7 o'clock estaré ahí a las 7; they're over for the day han venido a pasar el día; when you're next over this way la próxima vez que pases por aquí.

  3. 1. used as a function word to indicate motion or situation in a position higher than or above another. towered over his mother flew over the lake rode over the old Roman road. 2. a. used as a function word to indicate the possession of authority, power, or jurisdiction in regard to some thing or person.

  4. We use over to talk about movement or position at a higher level than something else: A beautiful white bird flew over the lake. With an umbrella over my head, I was able to protect myself from the midday sun. We can also use over when talking about movement across a surface: A small boat came over the lake and approached our cottage.

  5. In the English description: cross - exceed - ink in - overpass - overshoot - replay. Spanish: tramontar - atrabancar - mirar - dar un repaso - desbarrancar - desmadrar - exceder - ir a casa de alguien - pasar - recorrer - repasar - revisar a fondo - sentar bien - tirar de largo - ver - volver sobre un asunto.

  6. Lucky Daye - "Over" // Out NowListen Here // Machine OperatedProduction: Pulse Films / Violeta FilmsEP: Rik GreenProducer...

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