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    The allowance is now, however, a token award of £200 per year. "Demy" and "demies" are pronounced to rhyme with "deny" and "surmise", rather than "semi(s)". Whilst Magdalen is unique amongst Oxbridge colleges in using the term Demies, Merton College, Oxford is similarly unique in designating their scholars "postmasters".

  2. Macedonia del Norte (en macedonio, Северна Македонија, romanización Séverna Makedóniya), oficialmente denominada República de Macedonia del Norte (en macedonio, Република Северна Македонија, romanización Repúblika Séverna Makedóniya), es un país sin litoral en el sureste de Europa.

  3. This model was modified at Durham University, also in the UK, in the 19th century, which adapted the Oxbridge model to create non-teaching colleges that were, depending on the college, legally part of or independent of the University. With the arrival of residential colleges in the United States the model diversified further.