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  1. 24/09/2022 · Portugal wedstrijden en uitslagen uit alle competities. Programma: WK Kwalificatie Europa 2022. Alle wedstrijden zijn gespeeld. Programma: UEFA Nations League 2020-2021

  2. Hace 11 horas · When King Philip II of Spain (Philip I of Portugal) seized the Portuguese crown in 1580 there began a 60-year union between Spain and Portugal known to subsequent historiography as the Iberian Union. The realms continued to have separate administrations.

  3. 25/09/2022 · Quando o Papa São João XXIII, após ter aberto o Concílio Vaticano II, morreu, toda a Praça de São Pedro do Vaticano estava apinhada de fiéis que rezavam por Ele, quando uma voz ressuou dizendo: “Morreu o Papa”. Toda a Praça se comoveu, todos se ajoelharam e permanecer­am em longo, profundo e eloquente silêncio.

  4. Hace 11 horas · The Spanish American wars of independence (25 September 1808 – 29 September 1833; Spanish: Guerras de independencia hispanoamericanas) were numerous wars in Spanish America with the aim of political independence from Spanish rule during the early 19th century. These began shortly after the start of the French invasion of Spain during the ...

  5. Hace 1 día · Pedro I died of tuberculosis on 24 September 1834, just a few months after he and the liberals had emerged victorious. He was hailed by both contemporaries and posterity as a key figure who helped spread the liberal ideals that allowed Brazil and Portugal to move from absolutist regimes to representative forms of government. Contents 1 Early years

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    Hace 11 horas · Declaration of the Brazilian independence by Prince Pedro (later Emperor Pedro I) on 7 September 1822. Tensions between Portuguese and Brazilians increased and the Portuguese Cortes, guided by the new political regime imposed by the Liberal Revolution, tried to re-establish Brazil as a colony. [81]

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