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  1. Count Philip Christoph von Königsmarck (4 March 1665 – 2 July 1694), also spelled Philipp, was a Swedish count and soldier. He was allegedly the lover of Sophia Dorothea, Princess of Celle , the wife of Duke George Louis of Brunswick and Lüneburg , the heir presumptive of the Principality of Calenberg , later to become Elector of ...

  2. Philipp Christoph Graf von Königsmarck (* 4. März jul. / 14. März 1665 greg. in Stade; † 1. Juli jul. / 11. Juli 1694 greg. [1] in Hannover) war ein hannoverscher Offizier und Hofkavalier. Berühmt wurde er durch die Königsmarck-Affäre, in deren Folge er vermutlich ermordet wurde.

  3. 19 de mar. de 2024 · Philipp Christoph, count von Königsmark (born March 14, 1665, Stade, Bremen [Germany]—died July 1, 1694, Hannover, Hanover) was the alleged German lover of Sophia Dorothea, who was consort to the Hanoverian electoral prince George (later King George I of England).

  4. 5 de ene. de 2021 · Philip Christoph von Königsmarck or Philipp Christoph Königsmarck, (4 March 1665 – 2 July 1694) was a Swedish count of Brandenburgian extraction and a soldier. He was allegedly the lover of Sophia Dorothea, Princess of Celle, the wife King George I of Great Britain.

  5. 14 de oct. de 2016 · This is where Swedish count Philip Christoph Königsmarck disappeared 322 years ago -- could it be him? Lund University in Sweden follows the dangerous love story between Philip...

  6. 21 de feb. de 2024 · Ellen Lloyd - - Philip Christoph Königsmarck, a Count from Sweden who lived from 1665 to 1694, was a man who had adversaries. Looking back at history, it is obvious some individuals harbored intentions of eliminating him. On the morning of July 2, 1694, Count Königsmarck vanished without a trace.

  7. Sophia Dorothea is best remembered for her alleged affair with Count Philip Christoph von Königsmarck that led to her being imprisoned in the Castle of Ahlden for the last thirty years of her life. Life. Early years.