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  1. Philip I (23 May 1052 – 29 July 1108), called the Amorous, was King of the Franks from 1060 to 1108. His reign, like that of most of the early Capetians , was extraordinarily long for the time. The monarchy began a modest recovery from the low it reached in the reign of his father and he added to the royal demesne the Vexin [2] and Bourges .

  2. 01/01/2022 · Philip I, (born 1052—died July 29/30, 1108, Melun, France), king of France (1059–1108) who came to the throne at a time when the Capetian monarchy was extremely weak but who succeeded in enlarging the royal estates and treasury by a policy of devious alliances, the sale of his neutrality in the quarrels of powerful vassals, and the practice of simony on a huge scale.

  3. Philip I, king of Castile for less than a month before his death and the founder of the Habsburg dynasty in Spain. Philip was the son of the future Holy Roman emperor Maximilian I of Habsburg and Mary of Burgundy. At his mother’s death (1482) he succeeded to her Netherlands dominions, with M

  4. Philip the Handsome (22 July 1478 – 25 September 1506), also called the Fair, was ruler of the Burgundian Netherlands and titular Duke of Burgundy from 1482 to 1506 and the first Habsburg King of Castile (as Philip I) for a brief time in 1506. The son of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and Mary of Burgundy, Philip was less than four years ...

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    Philip I, Latin Emperor (1243–1283) Philip IV of France, aka Philip I of Navarre (1268–1314) Philip I of Piedmont, known as Philip of Savoy (1278–1334) lord of Piedmont. Philip I, Prince of Taranto (1278–1331/2) Philip I, Count of Auvergne (1323–1346) Philip I, Duke of Burgundy (1346–1361)

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  7. Philip's rise to prominence began through the intervention of his brother Priscus, who was an important official under the emperor Gordian III. His big break came in 243, during Gordian III's campaign against Shapur I of Persia, when the Praetorian prefect Timesitheus died under unclear circumstances.

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