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  1. Philippe-Charles, Duke of Anjou (5 August 1667 – 10 July 1671) was the fifth child and second son of King Louis XIV of France and Maria Theresa of Spain, and as such was a fils de France .

  2. He does not claim that Duke of Anjou is an inherited legal title, since it was never officially conferred upon his ancestor Philippe d'Anjou; it was, in fact, subsequently given by French kings to other cadets of the dynasty domiciled in France.

  3. The Duke of Anjou, Louis XIV’s second-eldest grandson, became Philip V of Spain in 1700. To the great displeasure of Austria, the Bourbon dynasty now sat on the Habsburgs' former throne. A new war with France was brewing. King Charles II of Spain was about to die without an heir.

  4. Philippe, Duke of Anjou (Philippe Louis; 30 August 1730 – 7 April 1733) was a French prince and the second son of King Louis XV of France and his popular Queen Marie Leszczyńska. He was styled duke of Anjou from birth.

  5. Biografía. Ancestros. Enlaces externos. Referencias. Carlos Felipe de Orleans. Apariencia. ocultar. Carlos Felipe María Luis de Orleans, Duque de Anjou (en francés: Charles Philippe Marie Louis d'Orléans ), nació en París el 3 de marzo de 1973. Es un príncipe francés, miembro de la Casa de Orleans . Familia.

  6. Philippe-Charles, duque de Anjou (5 de agosto de 1668 - 10 de julio de 1671) fue el quinto hijo y el segundo hijo del rey Luis XIV de Francia y María Teresa de España, y como tal fue un fils de France.

  7. 2 de abr. de 2024 · Philip V and family. Also called (until 1700): Philippe, duc dAnjou. Born: December 19, 1683, Versailles, France. Died: July 9, 1746, Madrid, Spain (aged 62) Title / Office: king (1770-1724), Spain. king (1724-1746), Spain. House / Dynasty: house of Bourbon. Notable Family Members: spouse Isabella Farnese. father Louis de France. son Charles III.